An Honest Review Of Hundred

A year ago, I felt terrible all the time because I was eating horribly and never working out - no mystery there.

My best friend dragged me tooth and nail to a free week of yoga classes at a new studio, and it was a revelation. Since then, after work, I've been going to yoga 2-3 times a week.

It's really trained me to treat my body better and stop putting junk into it constantly, but I have to admit….I still wasn't at the peak of health I was promised. I felt cheated by how exhausted I remained.

Talking to one of the yoga teachers about the certification process, she pulled out a little square package with her name on it - she took daily vitamins from Hundred because she was vitamin-deficient.

Oh, I was definitely vitamin-deficient. I took their quiz just to see what my body needed and after reading up on their quality versus other brands, I decided to start taking them.

Am I a fan? Or do I think they're a crock? Here's the review.

The Quiz

Hundred starts you off with a quiz that will only recommend what you need and nothing you don't.

The quiz takes into account your age, gender, diet, and sleeping patterns, as well as other factors like where you live. For example: if you live in the Northern hemisphere, there's a good chance you need Vitamin D!

I really liked how in-depth it was - they nail every factor that could affect your health, and also give you suggestions on how to improve your lifestyle.

The Ingredients

Hundred sources their vitamins from all over the world and never adds fillers or uses any animal casings. They're super transparent about quality and give you the full rundown from farm to pill.

The Recs

My recommendations were spot-on! I was constantly exhausted, still not eating enough fruits and vegetables, and some environmental factors were to blame, too. Hundred's recs made sense - they also offer 1-on-1 nutritionist counseling (which I could never afford otherwise) to assure me that nothing would mix improperly with my medication. After 3 months, they check in with a new questionnaire to measure changes and move to new recs as needed!

After talking to my Hundred nutritionist, I also decided to get melatonin, so I could unlock the power of a fully-rested night.

The Price

It's pricier than a multivitamin, but not by much! This was where I was most skeptical, and almost quit - maybe I'd come back next pay bump. But the quality is much better than what I'd get at the store or online, and you don't know how long some of those large bottles have been sitting on the shelf.

It's different for every person, but the most popular vitamins start at around ~50 cents a pill, which is way less than a Vitamin C packet.

Also, the human touch element - the 24/7 access to chat with a nutritionist and the monthly 1:1 consults - is included.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping is free at more than $25, and my first month's worth delivered super fast.

The Packaging

It's so pretty! It comes in a box that's my favorite shade of blue with individual white packages of daily pills. They all have my name on them! I leave them on my kitchen table, so I remember to take them with breakfast, but if I'm traveling, adding them to my bag is a breeze.

The Verdict

After two months, definitely thanks in part to the CLA pill, I noticed I was less generally less exhausted. Also, my skin cleared up, but that may have been because I started eating more fruits and veggies.

I feel like I don't want to sink into child's pose as much during yoga, and I'm genuinely considering going for my yoga teacher license. I never imagined I'd be up for it, but if I have the energy to keep putting in the time, this is something I can seriously see myself doing for the rest of my life..

Hundred's a fantastic addition to your health routine, and even though the difference is small, there's definitely a difference.

Update: Hundred has a limited time special offer for our readers: Get 30% OFF Your First 3 Boxes With Code:GET30X3

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