The Truth About The Billion Dollar Counterfeit Vitamin Industry

If you want to be able to trust your vitamins, you need to start getting them from a legitimate source like Hundred.

In today's marketplace, it can be hard to know exactly where the products we buy come from. Counterfeit medications are something that has plagued the market for years, but the latest scare to rock the health and wellness industry is the alarming amount of fake vitamin supplements that are readily available to consumers.

Sales of dietary supplements reach over 100 billion dollars in revenue a year, but this widely saturated market is shockingly unregulated.

Retail giants like Amazon, Target, and Walgreens have all been proven to stock counterfeit or expired supplements that contain potentially harmful ingredients. Testing some of the most well-known brands has shown some alarming results.

A popular ginseng supplement sold at Walgreens was tested and found to contain only powdered garlic and rice, and reports of illegitimate third-party vendors selling fake supplements on Amazon have been rampant.

One 2013 study 1 that randomly selected 44 popular supplements found only 48 percent of the supplements contained what was on the labels. One company is taking a stand in the vitamin industry - Hundred. They're offering a personalized vitamin subscription with radical ingredient transparency.

Hands holds supplements and vitamins with a breakfast bowl and a personalized vitamin pack

The online retailer takes a holistic approach to health and curates customized vitamin packs based on an individual's habits and overall health goals, determined by their in-depth quiz. Hundred gives full transparency into where they source their vitamins from, and only the highest quality ingredients make the cut.

Their team of dietary experts has spent years researching the correct dosage to ensure better absorption for maximum benefit. Meaning your body gets only exactly what it needs -no harmful fillers.

What further differentiates Hundredfrom other leading vitamin companies is the 24/7 availability of a nutritional expert on hand to address any concerns or questions you might have. Access to this level of nutritional support typically costs hundreds of dollars per session. Made for_ is truly unique in that you can have a one-on-one phone or skype call with a nutritionist every month.

After made for_ recommends the perfect blend of vitamins, they ship the daily packs right to your door every month. The pre-portioned packs of personalized vitamins make it easy to know the exact dosage, and the convenience ensures that this new habit will be easily formed.

On average, Hundred costs just $1.50 a day, only around $0.50 more a day than brands found on Amazon or in-store, and takes the hassle out of trying to decode labels and find the best quality supplement brands. Made for's personal approach to vitamin recommendations is changing the industry and giving customers the peace of mind of knowing that they are giving their bodes only the best.

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1“DNA Barcoding Detects Contamination and Substitution in North American Herbal Products." BMC Medicine. BioMed Central, October 11, 2013. https://bmcmedicine.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.....

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