Vitamins And Minerals So Personalized, Your Name's On The Package

Over the past year my stress levels skyrocketed, and it started to affect my health: I was struggling to stay focused throughout the day at work, was often too tired to get anything done, and was spending too many weekends stuck inside with a cold.

I heard vitamin supplements might help but didn't know which to take and didn't want to waste money on the wrong ones. I asked my best friend and she recommended I try Made For. They're a subscription company that sends you supplements once a month, customized for your body. They have a super fun five-minute quiz that helps create the perfect mix of supplements and vitamins for your diet, lifestyle, and health goals. My favorite part is the simple packaging with my name on it (I love the personalized aesthetic!). Each packet has exactly what I need every day, making it easy to get the balanced nutrients I need in the morning before I rush off to work.

To be honest, I was pretty skeptical, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to try the quiz and see my results. Here's a sneak peak at the quiz, and how Madeforcustomizes the supplements just for you.

1. Basic Data

First, I was asked basic information about myself: my age, height, weight, gender. Women are asked more details about their menstrual health and about pregnancy, while men are taken straight to questions about allergies and medications. Made For's nutritional scientists are experts on what different bodies need, and this basic information helps them figure out what nutrients you might be missing.

I was relieved they asked about allergies and current medication, because I'm taking anxiety medicine and wouldn't want any vitamins to have a weird interaction. Luckily, they use this info to make informed recommendations for what supplements work well with your current lifestyle.

2. Diet

Next, I was asked about my diet. I personally don't have any eating restrictions, but I have friends who are vegetarian, so I think that's a great option for making sure they get all their essential nutrients. The cool thing is that each question has a short sentence underneath explaining why the question is being asked. For example, I'm asked about my fish and seafood consumption to figure out my intake of protein, minerals, and important omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Lifestyle

In this section of the quiz, I'm asked about my general lifestyle choices, like if I take any supplements currently, how much time I spend in the sun, and if I eat home cooked meals or fast food (I'll admit I eat at Taco Bell and McDonald's a little too often). I'm also asked about how active I am and how much sleep I get. Unfortunately, life has been really hectic so I'm lacking in the sleep department, but they have vitamins specifically designed to give you more energy and get better quality sleep.

4. Goals

This is the personalization I was looking for! Seeing all the options, it was easy to select improving my energy, better hair and skin, and reducing my stress levels.

After selecting my personal goals, I'm asked follow-up questions about what triggers my stress and if there's anything (like using public transportation!) that might affect my immune system.

5. Comprehensive Results

Madefor made it easy to understand the advantages of taking each pill in my specialized mix, including detailed ingredient information so I know exactly what's in each supplement. They are all about transparency, showing where the supplement is sourced, where it's found in nature, and how it benefits your body (For example, I learned that Vitamin B helps you produce energy and fight fatigue.) For all the worriers like me out there, there's also FAQs about any possible side effects and 24/7 live chat with nutritionists.

Update: It's been a month since I started taking my Madefor Anna supplement combination, and I'm never looking back. I've been sleeping like a baby, haven't felt the slightest sniffle, and have been staying so focused at work that my boss even commented on my strong performance. Madefor now is offering a discount when you opt for the 3 month or 6 month pre-paid plan! Vitamins take 3 months to see the full effects, so we recommend these options to get the best deal. I even scheduled a free appointment with one of Madefor's nutritionist's next week to make sure I'm on track. To be completely honest, I feel better than ever, and my friends and family are grateful to have their Anna back.

~Xoxo Anna

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