The Matilda Djerf Effect

Over the years, Matilda Djerf has built an empire. Whether it’s due to her millions of Instagram or TikTok followers, all eyes follow Matilda throughout her endeavors.

She’s the poster child for the “clean girl aesthetic” style that we all clamor after…pioneering the way for us to mimic sleek, slick back buns, her clothes, her iconic curtain bangs, and, of course, her home decor.

Whatever Matilda touches turns to gold. She makes anything automatically cool - the reason for ballet flats, big blowouts, coastal grandmother, and more are all extremely popular right now.

Matilda’s woven a world where you don’t just want to be her…but you feel like you know her. That’s thanks to her social media - which shows you little clips into her life: flitting around her luxurious home, drinking espresso in bed with her dog, and wearing her robes.

Sure, the Swedish influencer is gorgeous - it’s all a part of her allure - but beneath the voluminous layers is the genius behind Djerf Avenue. Since its inception in 2019, Djerf has become a multi-million dollar company thanks to Djerf and her boyfriend Rasmus Johansson.

What started as a side hustle for Matilda has catapulted into a leading loungewear brand. The site features a wide variety of items spanning from the emblematic terry robes to homeware, beauty, and, of course, clothes.

So if you’re absolutely enamored with Matilda Djerf…or are wondering what all the hype is about, don’t worry! We’re here to reveal just who the real Matilda Djerf is.

There’s Something About Matilda

@matildadjerf my hair needed a freshen up 🎀
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At only 27 years old, Matilda’s gained a massive following. She’s an entrepreneur, influencer, dog mom, and certified trendsetter. You can go on her social media and see a plethora of trendy outfits, hair inspo, and, of course, her Djerf Avenue pieces.

But Matilda is also an advocate for body positivity. As an influencer, she’s accustomed to modeling. But some brands would highly edit her image - they’d cinch her waist, airbrush her face, and paint a picture of perfection all to sell their product.

She speaks often about seeing brands copy-and-paste clothes onto her body, photoshopping them to make them look perfectly ironed…no flaws whatsoever.

However, this wasn’t Matilda’s message. Djerf had never used common editing apps like FaceTune to enhance her features…but noticed it’s a growing trend in the fashion industry that influencers use in an effort to make more money.

Yes, Matilda was growing her platform originally by making filters and presets to achieve an Instagram aesthetic of your dreams. But she’s since stopped altogether. Now, you see the world through Matilda’s eyes…and not just a curated, perfected snapshot of it.

So fans have quickly fallen in love with her authenticity. They flock to her page for clothing inspiration, or to try and recreate that fabulous big hair. While Matilda may be the blueprint for influencers everywhere, she quietly remains at the top of her game. This has everything to do with her keen business sense.

Get The Matilda Djerf Blowout

@djerfavenue Matilda’s iconic Breezy Blowout using our Breezy Styling Mist🫧🤍 #djerfavenue ♬ original sound - Djerf Avenue

You can’t mention Matilda without her big, bouncy blowouts. She’s the picture of the 70s-inspired curtain bang haircut. She basically reinvented long layers. Ask any hair stylist and they’ll be sure to recognize her.

Since Matilda Djerf catapulted into the public eye, she’s convinced us all that the bigger, the better. We’ve invested in hair rollers, texturizing sprays, special blow dryers, and more, simply to look like her.

But Matilda does have a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to perfecting that sizable blowout. I mean, when your hair alone is famous…you’d expect she knows a thing or two about a lasting blowout.

In a TikTok for British Vogue, Matilda shares that she lets her hair air dry about 80% before going in with a round blow-dry brush. After drying a small section of her hair and letting it cool, she curls it towards her scalp and clips it.

By clipping your hair and leaving it for a minimum of 10 minutes, you’ll get a bouncier curl. She encourages you to leave them clipped for over an hour which will give you more volume and help your blowout last longer.

To make her blowout last multiple days, Matilda flips her hair over and wraps it in a bun overnight. In an even more genius move, she clips the bun on the top of her head so she can sleep with a clip in.

Finally, she recommends using the Djerf Avenue Breezy Styling Mist as both a heat protectant and texturizing spray. Her go-to texturizing mist can help you achieve more volume and more shine, which Matilda often plugs on her multiple social accounts.

The Birth of Djerf

@matildadjerf so focused 🤝🥰
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As Matilda’s career (and hair) grew larger than life, she began to receive brand deals with a bunch of companies throughout Sweden. And after working with a number of partnerships, Matilda realized that she, too, could have her own brand…with full control.

So, alongside her high school sweetheart (yes, her life literally is that perfect), Rasmus Johansson, she launched Djerf Avenue in 2019. From 2021 to 2022, Djerf Avenue’s revenue skyrocketed from $8 million to $22 million in sales.

Djerf Avenue spans both Sweden and New York. It’s a testament to Matilda’s drive - often working 12-hour days to help the brand blossom. People who model the brand’s clothes are real customers, the photos on the site are not retouched…it’s exactly how the items will look on your body.

Matilda’s message is realness. That beneath all the hair, clothes, and TikToks she wants you to see the true beauty in being authentic. And that’s her charm - not her good looks.

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