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5 Men Throwing Fits

There are tons of fits. The turn-of-phrase “throwing a fit”, is one we hear often. I throw fits every time my hyper-fixation Starbucks syrup goes out of season. I threw a fit when I couldn’t find a Cinnabon stand in my local mall. And, man oh man, did I throw a fit when One Direction broke up.

Throwing fits used to be reserved for childish outbursts, but as with all good terms, “fit” can also mean something different. In the UK, “fit” means attractive. And in the world of TikTok clothing hauls, “fit” is short for outfit.

You’ve maybe heard of “serving”, which is slang for absolutely rocking an outfit, a face of makeup, or just your entire look in general. When you say someone “has a fit on,” you mean that their outfit is worth complimenting. Or, it can be a more sarcastic comment…like “that fit is crazy.” Very Regina George.

While I would love to confirm that this article is about men who have lost their minds and had public breakdowns (and believe me, I could go on), it’s about men who have been serving fashionable outfits this past year.

The blueprint is Timothee Chalamet. Singlehandedly raising the bar for all men, famous or not, he’s not afraid to take risks on the red carpet, experiment with street style, and elevate basics. I mean, remember that Haider Ackermann red halter jumpsuit he wore to the Bones and All red carpet? That’s a fit.

Finally, it appears men have ditched the classic red carpet tuxedo and have opted for avant-garde pieces. It’s not just women who can make a statement…or end up on the Best Dressed list.

Here are some of our fave men’s fits thus far.

Jacob Elordi at 2023 GQ Men Of The Year Red Carpet 

Breaking news! Menswear can be more than just a tuxedo and less than a jumpsuit. A classic, slightly oversized pinstripe suit paired with the retro, wide lapel yellow button-down shirt is why I’m overly excited about this fit.

It’s fun without doing the most. It fits him well, but not too well. It plays with his body shape and the wide lapel is the perfect touch. Well done, Elordi Stylists.

Charles Melton at the 2023 NY Film Critics Circle Red Carpet 

The Riverdale alum is garnering Oscar buzz for his performance in May-December, but I’m constantly looking for his next red-carpet fit. He’s quickly become a leading man in the fashion scene, and yes, I am expecting him to get an invite from the Met Gala.

It’s not your father’s leather jacket, but an entire leather set. The jacket paired with the high-rise, tailored leather trousers is enough for me to run him any award. And the simplicity of your average white tank underneath, ugh, amazing.

Jeremy Allen White at the 2024 Golden Globes Red Carpet 

This is the epitome of spicing up your classic fit. If you’re tired of the same old-same old, and you feel a bit uninventive about menswear, then look no further than Jeremy Allen White.

Amidst a successful night at the Golden Globes, JAW donned your classic all-black tux look…with a twist. Adding the black sheer shirt underneath is the creme-de-la-creme of the outfit- what sets it apart from just your Average Red Carpet Look.

Barry Keoghan at the 2023 Academy Museum Gala

We love our Saltburn co-stars lately, especially for their fashion takes. Barry Keoghan is a leading man both on our screens and on the Red Carpet Runway. If I could hold a moment for applause for this tailored vest set, I would.

The color is what sets this apart for me. A deep olive is both classy and a step above your classic black look. I love a bit of color on the carpet because we see so much of the same, and this fit takes all the right risks.

Cillian Murphy at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards 

Cillian not only does an amazing job as the title character in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, but he has a (pun intended) bomb stylist. This is the epitome of elevating classics: a mid-length overcoat and notch-neck button-down makes this fit hit different.

The way the sleeve perfectly falls below the cuff of the jacket, the detail on the button down itself — God bless the Irish.

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