My Ultimate Men’s Personal Care Haul: Dr. Squatch's Year-End Sale Triumph

  • Dr. Squatch is a personal care and wellness brand that crafts a wide range of natural essentials like soap, deodorant, and lotion for men
  • They’re revolutionizing how guys stay clean, cool, and moisturized with their long-lasting products that smell fantastic
  • Right now is their biggest sale of the year. I took advantage and stocked up on my favorite products. Read my full review below…

When I first heard about natural personal care products, I had no interest. I thought that all soap was pretty much the same and as long as I was clean, I didn’t care.

But my girlfriend Amy kept telling me how drugstore products aren’t good for me because they use synthetic ingredients that are terrible for my skin. She told me to try natural products but I remained hesitant.

That was until she gifted me a Dr. Squatch care bundle last year.

I figured I’d try it just to prove Amy wrong. But to my surprise, Dr. Squatch was much better than I ever expected. My skin has always been flaky — I figured it was just my skin type — but since using Dr. Squatch it's smooth as butter.

And the scents are awesome. Forget your Clean Comfort deodorant and Extra Fresh body wash from your local drugstore. Dr.Squatch has scents like Alpine Sage, Wood Barrel Bourbon, Birchwood Breeze, Pine Tar, Cool Fresh Aloe, and Fresh Falls… to name a few. Everyone has been complimenting me on how nice I smell — especially Amy.

Since I’m running out of my Dr. Squatch bundle I thought I’d stock up on their Holiday Bundles while stocks last — they’re great value, so why not gift one to myself this year?

I went with the Smooth Bundle which includes 3 Bar Soaps + 1 Deodorant + 1 Hair Care Kit (Shampoo & Conditioner) + 1 Lotion + 1 Soap Saver for only $68 — usually $101. With the option to choose from Rich, Fresh, Woodsy, or Herbal scents — I went with Rich — the same one Amy got me previously.

When my order arrived I couldn’t wait to get my soap game back on track. My Rich Bundle includes the following soap bars: Bay Rum (a blend of clove, cinnamon, pine, and citrus), Cold Brew Cleanse (if you like the smell of coffee, you’ll love this), and Wood Barrel Bourbon (a spicy blend of bourbon and oak).

Soap is Dr. Squatch's bread and butter, which is why these products are next level. I use them in the shower and my skin always feels and smells so good afterwards. Apart from the incredible scents, another great thing about Dr. Squatch’s soaps is how long-lasting they are. Even with daily use, each bar lasts weeks — so much longer than the cheap shower gel I used to get! The cedar block Soap Saveris super handy to help reduce soap scum too.

I’ve always been a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner guy until Amy introduced me to Dr. Squatch. Since I started using the Cypress Coast Shampoo and Cool Citrus Conditioner I can confidently say I’ll never go back. My hair smells amazing and my scalp is healthier than ever— I didn’t realize how much my old hair routine was drying it out.

The thing I was most skeptical about was Natural Deodorant. I’m an active guy so I need an effective deodorant that truly illuminates body odor. Lo and Behold, Dr. Squatch’s Bay Rum Deodorant is even better than the toxin-filled “extra fresh” one I used to get. The Odor-Squatching™ system fights potential sources of B.O from every angle with powerful natural deodorizers.

Honestly, I never really used lotion before — at least not regularly, until I got the Pine Tar Lotion from Amy. I use it after a shower to lock in some moisture and it’s completely changed how my skin feels.

I hate to say it, but Amy was right about Dr. Squatch and their natural products. They really are so much better than the products I used to use.

All of that, for only $68? I’m so glad I could stock up on my favorite Dr. Squatch products during their biggest sale of the year. Their stuff is so long-lasting that it's already good value, but this Smooth Bundle is a literal steal right now. If you want to up your grooming and personal care game, check out Dr. Squatch now before the sale ends.

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