I Decided To Try Metabolic Renewal, Here’s How It’s Going

Wanting to stay "in shape" (whatever that even means) as I age has never been my goal. My body has its own shape, like every woman.

But in the last couple of years or so I find that none of my old tricks are working anymore. I've gained weight, especially in the stubborn tummy area, I'm extra bloated, my sleep is all over the place and all I crave is sugary food. Not to mention all the hot flashes that have recently started and my family has commented I'm more irritated than ever before, which is not me!

Since I began experiencing symptoms of menopause a couple of months ago, my hormones are constantly changing, up and down and driving me and my body crazy. I don't know what I can do to shift this extra weight I've put on.

A few weeks later I went for coffee with one of my friends that I hadn't seen in months. "You look amazing," I complimented and she responded, "I feel amazing" and laughed. I joked saying she must tell me her secret and she said, " Metabolic Renewal".

She told me it's a new program that has helped lose her hormonal weight gain with a diet and exercise plan specifically designed for her hormone type. Metabolic Renewals programs also helped her understand what her own body needs, how to work with her changes in hormones instead of against them. It sounded too good to be true, but that evening I couldn't help but look up Metabolic Renewal.

"Based on Cutting-Edge, Female-Specific Scientific Research" and "Tap into Your Natural Female Metabolic Advantage" -- I must admit I was intrigued. 30 minutes of reading the Metabolic Renewal site and I feel I've just had a eureka moment.

The majority of the health and exercise diet plans and advice out there are all based on research done on only men, with slight tweaks made for women. This makes zero sense as we have a totally different makeup and more complicated hormonal systems. No wonder we don't know what to do when the change begins our jeans no longer fit us. Thankfully, Metabolic Renewal understands this and is transforming the way women are dealing with hormonal weight gain.

Metabolic Renewal is the first doctor-designed lifestyle program that turns your natural hormonal rhythms into a fat-burning, body-sculpting, health-rejuvenating advantage. If your hormones aren't balanced, it doesn't matter how much you workout or cut back on certain foods, you simply won't see the results you desire. I needed to know how they do this so I started at step one; taking their quiz.

The questions were so specific with so many options to give full details of my age, monthly cycle, PMS symptoms, medical history, use of hormones, menopausal symptoms, exercise routine, and so much more. What I loved was that they ask you what your other goals are including increasing lean muscle mass, sleep, joints, energy, and overall health.

After the quiz, I inputted my email and I received a breakdown of my hormone type. There are 7 different hormone groups and once you know yours, knowing what diet and exercise will work is so much easier.

They provide a video explaining everything from what food to exercise is best for me along with charts showing how my hormones are changing and how I will learn how to work with my body and not against it. It also gives details about the program, what you get, how it works, and what I can expect in the 12 weeks.

If I signed up for the program for $37 I would get access to their 12-week Workout Plan

Metabolic Renewal Roadmap, the 12-week metabolic meals plan, a transformation tracker, and the 5-minute body shaping bonus exercises. It would give me everything I would need and more importantly would be working with my body and hormone type instead of constantly against it.

After reading more about Dr. Jade Teta and all his experience training women and scientific research along with the amazing success stories that have come from Metabolic Renewal I decided to give it a go.

Getting started was easy-- it finally felt like I had a solution that was working for me and my busy lifestyle. The recipe plan is full of delicious food (no restrictions or cutting out food groups) and the hyper-effective workouts can be all done at home and in 15-20 minutes only 3 times a week.

They're designed to give the most results in the least amount of time, and research has shown they help you burn double the fat in 90% less time. It not only fits seamlessly into my routine but makes it better.

Dr.Jade's method is teaching me how to work smarter, not harder. Our bodies need days to rest, so I love that Metabolic Renewal has that all built-in.

I'm learning so much about what my body needs in terms of food, exercise along with a positive mindset, and the benefits of increasing your Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis (NEAT)- simply just moving your body more throughout the day. I already feel stronger, healthier, and toned.

I'm finally in tune with my body and what it needs as I go through my menopause journey. I look and feel amazing but most importantly I understand my hormones, how they work and what my body needs to keep them balanced to keep the weight off. I know that once my 12 weeks are up I will continue on it my new routine that Metabolic Renewal has armed me with. Finally a lifestyle change with results and an enjoyable process.

Try Metabolic Renewal Today!

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