I Tried Milli Rose Makeup, Here's What I Thought

Did I just find the new best makeup brand?

I've always been one of those girls that swore by drugstore makeup. But recently, I've realized that the quality of drugstore brands isn't the best and decided that I would treat myself to some new makeup that was better quality.

My make up bag was always a mix of so many different brands - I tend to just wander around a store picking up random brands with cute packaging when my products run out. I was sick of using so many different makeup brands; I wanted to try and find one that would fit multiple purposes. Plus, I can't go out to shop nowadays anyway.

I was on Instagram and noticed a few influencers mentioning a brand called MILLI ROSE. The palettes I saw in the photos were gorgeous, and the makeup looked even prettier. I was unsure about ordering makeup without seeing it, but everyone had great things to say about it, so I decided to go on the website to check it out.

The first thing that I noticed was that these products were really good value. The 12 shadow palettes were only $32, and the sets with lip products started at just $68. I decided I had so many nude colours in my make up bag and wanted something more glam I could experiment with. I really missed the excitement of trying out new makeup looks. I went with the Ultimate Modern Glam Kit, which included 12 eyeshadows and 3 lipsticks.

My kit arrived at my doorstep a few days later, and the first thing I noticed was the packaging, the palette had a stunning floral design on it. I immediately got to experimenting with it. I put the matte brown color, Foxy, all over my lid and blended. It was such a nice color and blended so well I thought it would be great for a day time look. Then I put the dark brown, Coco, in my crease and blended to create a subtle smokey eye.

I liked how the eyeshadow colors in the Modern Glam palette could be built up to create a light look or a darker look. I put some of the shimmery gold colors over my lid and loved how it looked. The next night I experimented again, but with bolder colors - I put the orange color Flame on the lid and dark brown Coco in my crease for a more glamorous look.

The palette is so versatile the colors can be mixed and matched to create lots of different looks. And the lipsticks that came with the kit really finish off the looks well. The red lipstick is super classic, and the brown lipsticks create a glam look. I also found that they stay on really well, and the shadows were super easy to blend.

I'm so happy with my purchase of MILLI ROSE I still can't believe how good the quality is. I should have stopped using drugstore brands sooner! My mascara is running out and I've decided I'm ordering the MILLI ROSE mascara when it does, considering how good the quality of the eyeshadow and lipsticks are. Plus, the mascara has 4 different modes in one! From everyday touch-ups to special event palettes, I love how versatile all the MILLI ROSE products are.

I'd recommend MILLI ROSE to anyone who wants to up their makeup game, or someone who is looking for versatile makeup that can take them from day to night. I'm so relieved to find a good brand that I love for good value. I had so much fun trying out new looks with MILLI ROSE.

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