The Mirror: Working Out At Home Never Felt Better

As many of my family and friends will tell you, I'm no workout junkie. However, I'm at a point in my life where I notice how it affects my overall health and wellness, so I knew I wanted to make more time for exercise.

I canceled my membership since commuting to the gym was just a hassle, and I started looking into alternatives. "There has to be something online that can help me workout at home."

I found a few trainers via social media who had workout tutorials on sites like Youtube, so I decided to start there. However, I quickly realized that this wouldn't be the same as going to the gym or working with a trainer one-on-one. I couldn't match a lot of their forms, and at some points, the routines just went way above my current abilities.

I complained about my workout woes to my friend during one of our weekly coffee runs, and that's when he told me he just had The Mirror installed and he now loved working out from his home.

To be honest, I didn't believe that a smart mirror would be the solution I was looking for.

How is this any different from the Youtube videos I've been watching? I finally cancelled my Equinox membership, could I commit to this? I decided to do a bit of research. Turns out The Mirror, from Lululemon, is a nearly invisible home gym that can be hung from anywhere that also doubles as a sleek, minimalistic mirror.

I learned that The Mirror uses advanced tracking tech to get to know your body and provide tailored feedback and insights on how you're doing. I was shocked to find a review where someone raved about how you're also able to watch yourself and the instructors, which allows you to adjust your form and perfect each technique.

After reading reviews that swore it was a worthy investment and with The Mirror's pricing starting at $1,495 (almost $1,000 less than other at-home gyms) I decided I should give it a try before I considered going back to the gym. Plus, Mirror offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so I had nothing to lose!

Though everyone online said The Mirror was very sleek and compact, I was still surprised at how well it seamlessly blended into my living space. Other home gym equipment I had researched or tried out in the past was bulky and always took up so much space, The Mirror is neither.

My workouts need minimal space and don't sacrifice any benefits that typically come from a full-blown gym. The Mirror offers thousands of live and on-demand classes per week, and even better I can use my smartphone as a remote. As someone who can be a bit against doing the same exact workout day after day, I was sold on The Mirror because of the various genres of workouts offered. One week I can do kickboxing, the next dancing, and a month later Tai Chi. There's always something to keep me excited about getting fit.

After about three weeks of using The Mirror I can say hands-down that the workouts and classes offered are just as effective as the times I worked with a personal trainer. Even better, I'm able to workout alongside my family and friends. We can compete with one another, as well as with other Mirror users all over (friendly competition is always fun!).

The Mirror was the perfect solution for me! It gives me back the few hours I would've spent commuting to the gym, all while still delivering a full-body workout time and time again.

If you want to workout at home without using bulky equipment or would like precise feedback on your forms and techniques, The Mirror is for you.

Stop thinking that you can only have a good workout session at the gym. The Mirror offers an interactive program that's effective, engaging, and delivers real results.

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