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4 Major Misconceptions About CBD Oil

Thanks to the progressive legalization of cannabis, more people are becoming aware of associated products such as CBD oil.

However, the stigma around cannabis as a drug persists, which causes some misconceptions about CBD. To clear the air, let's talk about some of the myths and misunderstandings surrounding CBD oil so that you can be a little more knowledgeable about this trending product.

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CBD Gets You High

CBD can be found within cannabis, but it's not the chemical compound that gives you that euphoric "high" sensation. The chemical you're thinking of is THC. CBD oil is created with the express intention of removing THC so that you get the health benefits—such as soothing anxiety or relieving chronic pain—but none of the intoxication. Hemp, an industrialized version of the cannabis plant, suffers from the same misconception, when in reality the plant has been cultivated to contain very little THC content while still being rich in CBD.

CBD Will Cause You to Fail a Drug Test

If you're worried about drug tests, whether for your workplace or for medical reasons, a common misconception about CBD oil is that it will cause a false positive. However, drug tests are only searching for the presence of THC in your results. You can take CBD oil without worrying about it looking suspicious.

CBD Is Only Prescribed

People often confuse CBD oil with medicinal marijuana and think that a doctor must prescribe CBD oil. However, CBD products have become increasingly more common and accessible as marketplaces such as convenience stores begin to stock CBD oil themselves. Even better, CBD oil is becoming as easy to make at home as coffee thanks to the development of home extraction machines. These machines are about as big and easy to operate as home coffee machines, allowing you to make personalized CBD oil whenever and however you want.

CBD Has to Be Smoked

The nice thing about CBD coming in oil form is that it's versatile. You can consume CBD oil in a variety of ways, such as consuming it directly, cooking it into your food, or using a topical to rub the CBD into your skin. You can consider CBD oil to be no different than your typical medicines, creams, and tonics.

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