Mom advice that still holds up

by Dezi Hall

This Mother's Day, forget overpriced brunch and macaroni sculptures. Do something your mother has wanted you to do forever. Take her advice! Below are our top 5 words of wisdom from Mom that hold up no matter how old you are.

8. It's not brave if you're not afraid

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Bravery doesn't exist without fear. Doing something and being afraid doesn't mean you're weak; it means the opposite. Be courageous and conquer the things that scare you most. Travel to Europe. Go out to lunch by yourself. Break up with that person you secretly know isn't for you.

7. Treat yourself with respect

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Everyone else will tell you to make sure you treat others with respect and dignity (good advice!), but your mom is the one person to remind you to treat yourself the same way. Be gentle on yourself.

6. You can't make everyone happy, so if you make yourself happy at least that's one person

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Today's culture puts a lot of stock into the value of saying "yes" to everything. But sometimes this can really hinder your ability to care for yourself. Running around trying to make sure everyone is happy with your choices isn't a recipe for lasting internal happiness. Start with yourself. Make sure you're well taken care of and happy before you look around to see what you can do for others.

5. Be nice to your sister/brother

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Sibling relationships can be a mixed bag, but you should always try your best to be nice to one another. No matter how old you are, they're still the only other person that knows what it was like to grow up under your parents' roof. Try to be allies.

4. Eat your vegetables

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This one basically boils down to taking care of yourself. Do things that will benefit your body and your mind. We only get one of these flesh vessels, and you'd do well to take care of the one you've got. So, eat that broccoli. But, even Mom says it's ok to eat dessert first every once in a while.

3. Go where you're loved

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This might be the most important of all the motherly advice out there. It seems that if you can follow this one guiding tenant then the rest will just fall into place. Surround yourself with people that love you. Seems simple enough, but making this a reality is often hard work. Is your boss stifling your spirit? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend undermining your joy? Are your relatives dismissing your true self? Create your life in a space that is open and accepting of who you are and who you want to be and see how much easier and lighter everything else becomes.

2. Just be you

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You really have no alternative anyway. Sure, your mother may be a little biased thinking you're the greatest person out there, but prove her right. Live your life in a way that feels good and pure. Know yourself and then love yourself. When you live authentically you inspire people around you and find yourself with friends and partners who don't expect you to be someone you're not.

1. Never settle

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You're worth it. Be patient and wait for what you truly want. Don't stay in a stagnant job. Don't give in to a less than ideal relationship because you're a certain age or you've been together for a certain amount of time. Be rebellious and choose yourself. Know your worth, and only accept the things you truly deserve.

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