Our Health & Wellness Editor Reviewed SuperPower® By Moon Juice – Here’s Her Take

Everyone knows how important it is to have a strong immune system.

But, to be honest, mine isn’t the best. Even a small cold can put me out of commission for a week. And as a working mom of three, that's something I can’t afford.

With my girls getting set to return to school, I’m worried about all the germs that come with that. My youngest is only 5 and, like most parents, I know firsthand how vulnerable young ones can be. If just one kid gets the flu, the entire class goes down and passes it on to their families. What a nightmare!

But it's not just grade school, it's the whole family’s extracurricular activities, my 5-9 job as a mom. All moms know it’s a full plate and lets not forget about all the household chores that go to the wayside whenever I fall sick. Now that they’re all heading back to school, I have to be at my best after our summer recharge.

Frankly, I’m sick of being sick. This year I intend to get ahead of it by using some sort of over-the-counter immune support. But when I went online, I was overwhelmed by the number of choices on the market. I need a supplement I can trust but had no idea where to start. Then my work colleague recommended Moon Juice’s immune support supplement, SuperPower®.

But is this merely one more knock-off brand making millions of promises? And are the ingredients they use naturally sourced? I took a deep dive into all things Moon Juice and I was so happy that I did.

SuperPower® is designed for those times when your body is down and demands to be restored to its original, balanced state. And you can change the dose, depending on how you’re feeling. Why? Because your immune system needs balance and harmony to provide immune defense and recovery.

Moon Juice has packed this product with a clinical-strength blend of 4 proven immune allies: Vitamin C, Vitamin D sourced from organic button mushrooms, Zinc, and Beta-Glucans sourced from adaptogenic Reishi mushrooms. They work together to help activate cells for a quick response, balance an overactive immune system, and help support the body during stressful periods. This truly is radical immune support. And the Vitamin C in SuperPower® is liposomal which means it’s bioavailable so your body absorbs it easily.

Moon Juice is also ultra-transparent about their sourcing, dosage and all the ingredients in SuperPower® are sourced right here in the USA. Plus, they’re 3rd-party tested and have clinically-proven potency — everything my immune system needs.

So, I subscribed (Saving 40%) and received a 30-day supply for only $22.80. Moon Juice recommends that you take 1 capsule a day for maintenance. But on days I need that extra boost — like last week when I felt slightly under the weather but my errand list was miles long. I took 3 capsules for the next few days and felt so super balanced and resilient that I handled all the chores while acing a massive work presentation.

But the real test came when I had a business trip the same week my youngest started swimming lessons — one of us was sure to catch something. So, I took my SuperPower® capsule regularly and — thank you, Moon Juice! — I stayed healthy and focused.

SuperPower® is in fact just that, one of my super powers as a mom. Generally, I come home from a business trip and I’m completely exhausted (nothing new having three young kids). But this time I never missed a beat. I felt like a super mom.

Moon Juice’s holistic approach to my immune health is a total game changer. Not only am I less paranoid about catching the flu — or giving it to my kids — but I feel clear-headed and calmer overall.

I never go a day without my SuperPower®, it works overtime to ensure my immune system is healthy and strong while keeping me balanced and clear is something no other wellness brand delivers.

Looking for the ultimate immune support supplement? Trust this busy mom and give Moon Juice’s SuperPower® a try!

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