More Screens Can Mean More Migraine. Here’s The Key To Relief

As working from home has solidified itself as the norm for many, frequent migraine attacks have also become the norm.

Those who experience migraine walk a fine line maintaining consistent routines as to not trigger migraine. However, the shift to working from home has uprooted routines nationwide. According to The Journal of Headache and Pain, 60% of respondents report an increase in migraine frequency since the beginning of the pandemic.

Working from home is riddled with challenges, especially for those who suffer from migraine disorder. Triggers can include things as simple as poor posture, lack of breaks, change in lighting, and by far the most common: screens.

On average, Americans spend seven hours on their desktop during the workday alone - a 16% increase pre-pandemic. More screentime also means more digital eye strain which is an extremely common migraine trigger.

While screens, desktops, and laptops are necessary for work, migraine is not.

Cove is a migraine treatment company that specializes in end-to-end migraine relief all from home. They offer virtual consultations with doctors specializing in migraine, and can provide prescription medications delivered right to your door – no more pharmacies, lines, or waiting to see your doctor.

To get started with Cove, you’ll first take a one-minute quiz to determine the next steps. To continue with a consultation, you’ll fill out an in-depth questionnaire about symptoms, previous medications, and migraine frequency, all of which will be taken into account to find the best treatment plan for you.

Cove understands that no two migraine experiences are the same, which is why they have 20+ treatment plans. Unlike other doctors or neurologists, Cove has several choices surrounding preventative medications as well as nausea medications. Outside of prescription relief, Cove also offers daily non-Rx solutions, including science-backed dietary supplements and even roll-on remedies.

From the moment you complete your plan with your doctor, you have unlimited access to Cove’s resources. You can reach your doctor 24/7 should you need to adjust your medications, or just need to talk through your migraine with an expert in the field.

Not only does Cove provide tailored migraine relief specific to you, but they do so with transparent pricing. Rather than discovering costly treatments or hidden bills from doctors’ offices, Cove lets you know how much your medications will cost up-front. Plans typically range between $20 - $79 a month, depending on insurance.

Not having insurance doesn’t mean you have to suffer through migraine. If you don’t have insurance, all of Cove’s prescriptions are still available to you.

Finding relief through Cove means tailored treatment, access to doctors specialized in migraine care, and never being caught off guard by a migraine again. Cove’s subscription service delivers your prescriptions directly to your door every three months, so you’ll never be without relief when migraine hit.

You’re already doing everything from home, why not get the migraine relief you need from home, too?

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