Don’t neglect your skin!

I have been tweaking my skincare routine since middle school and I've finally found the perfect combination that gives me a hydrated, glowing complexion. A lot of people — men and women— fail to take care of their skin and thus will produce wrinkles and sunspots very early on.

I have combination skin which leans to the dry side most of the time — especially in the winter — so you'll have to adjust this routine to your liking. Remember, don't skimp on skincare — it'll do some real damage if you buy sketchy cleansers that cause allergic reactions.

Makeup Remover

I only do this step at night — unless I was super lazy and slept in my makeup. But don't be like me! I like to use an oil based makeup remover cleanser or micellar water because makeup wipes tend to be too abrasive and wasteful.

Taking off your makeup will make it easier to cleanse all the dirt trapped underneath in the next step and will also serve as a double cleanser if you're into that.


I like to use a night cleanser with an electronic scrubbing tool in the evening and a morning cleanser when I wake up. Pick something that'll wake you up to make it a little easier in the mornings. Do not use body soap or wash cloths as they will irritate your skin.

I also use a face scrub once a week along with a peel off mask that leaves my skin silky smooth.


Toners will even out your skin tone and and brighten up your entire face while drawing out impurities and anything you might have missed while cleansing. I typically use this step at night because I don't like a lot of stuff on my face during the day.

Apply toner with a cotton pad or ball and make sure to go down to your neck. Wait for it to dry before moving on to the next step.

Serum or oil

Many people neglect the serum because they think a face cream does the same thing, but it's also important! Serums and oils have extra nutrients in them and will nourish your skin at night. These also tend to be too heavy for me during the day.

Some like to layer serums and oils, but I usually do one or the other. Test out whichever one feels better for you — or get both!

Eye cream

Eye cream is so important! You are literally never too young to use eye cream. We tug and pull on the skin around our eyes so much whether it's putting on makeup or rubbing sleepies out. Use eye cream before your face cream so it'll absorb better.

In the mornings, I like to substitute this for a roller serum or a depuffer so I look less like a zombie.

Face cream or moisturizer

Choose a lightweight moisturizer with SPF for your mornings and a thick night cream at night. Even though the moisturizer has SPF, do not let it become a substitute for sunscreen! Apply another layer of sunscreen on before you go out to avoid premature aging.

At night, be sure to apply the cream all over your face and neck for a full coverage and let it do its work while you sleep.

Lip balm

Lip balm is essential for day and night. I'm loving the Jack Black ones that have SPF in them right now. They're advertised for men but, like, who cares? They smell amazing and keep your lips buttery and smooth.

During winter nights, I usually use a thicker lip balm that repairs the skin because the dry, cold air does quite a number on me.

Extra steps may include double cleansing, extra face oils or even face massages. I like to put some coats of a homemade eyelash oil on at night because I wear waterproof mascara a lot which can dry out your lashes. Like I said, personalize this routine however you want to get your best skin.

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