I’m So Sorry — We Have to Talk About That Taylor Swift Outift

We all fall victim to the Hype Train sometimes. Everybody loves something… so we start loving it, too. You can also call it the “cheerleader effect,” which is defined as “the phenomenon whereby faces are perceived as being more attractive when flanked by other faces than when they are perceived in isolation.” Some have dubbed a similar phenomenon the “Pete Davidson effect,” in which public and peer influence influences someone’s attractiveness. Or, sometimes, we can simply call it marketing.

In the world of celebrity fashion, all three forces are working in tandem to convince us that certain stars are heartthrobs so that we watch their movies, listen to their songs, and buy the products they’re selling or promoting. This isn’t a totally negative thing. It’s their job, and these celebrities wield the tools of their good looks to do their best work and earn the money that buys the houses we gawk at on Architectural Digest. It’s a neverending cycle.

But sometimes, I shake myself out of my fervor as a fan and think, wait … are some of these people overhyped?

When it comes to how celebrities dress, their outfits are carefully curated to help further their brands. Whether you trace this back to Cindy Crawford at the 1991 Oscars or Zendaya using fashion to move from Disney star to movie star, how celebs dress speaks to who they are and who they’re trying to be.

That’s why all the wannabe heartthrobs of the month are showing up on the red carpets in mesh and glitter, playing to the newly gender-neutral style popularized by Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet. And it’s why all the new girlies are vying to be the next Zendaya, building relationships with high fashion brands like Bottega, Loewe, and Schiaparelli. Even Kylie Jenner has pivoted from her fast-fashion wardrobe to vintage couture, reshaping her image and making the foray into fashion herself.

But sometimes, a person’s style is simply their style. Nothing more, nothing less. While the candid street-style shots add a layer of authenticity to them, they also prove why celebrities need stylists. But somehow, we’ve become fascinated with how celebrities dress when they’re off-duty.

Is it always for a good reason? Or are we dragging it? Not to make some enemies or ruffle some feathers, but I have to say it: some of your faves are overrated — at least where off-duty style is concerned. Like who? You may ask.

Here’s my unfiltered list of the most overrated celeb fashion:

Taylor Swift

Swifties: hear me out. I think Taylor Swift's tour concert outfits are bejeweled wonders, cinematic costumes that encapsulate all her eras. But her off-duty style is hit or miss. It’s best when she keeps it simple — her recent foray into menswear-inspired pieces have impressed me. But then she steps out in a velvet green dress like she’s shopping at Urban Outfitters in 2014 and I want to shake her into couture or something. That’s why I follow @YouBelongInThis on Instagram so I can imagine a world where Taylor is a fashion girl, heading to Zero Bond in Loewe and Proenza Schouler. But like anything Taylor does, her style has a purpose. It’s relatable, it’s the girl next door — just like her.

Jacob Elordi


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I’m so sorry to say it, but the time he went out barefoot in LA really cinched this for me. I shiver at the thought. His press tour outfits might work well, but I attribute that mostly to his insane 6’5 frame. He’s thrown some okay fits. But when he's out and about, he dresses like every 19-year-old on TikTok or at the Silverlake Flea — albeit with books in the pockets of his cargo pants. Just because he carries a Bottega bag with his dri-fit shorts doesn’t make them fashionable.

Paul Mescal


paul mescal on ‘those’ short shorts 🩳 #paulmescal #allofusstrangers

Paul never set out to be a heartthrob. He didn’t set out to be a fashion icon either. But one viral photo of him in some very short shorts and here he is. I actually like how he dresses, but his repertoire is just a step above laddish. Not much to write home about itself. And if we’re being honest, it’s his thighs that made that photo — not the outfit.

Chris Pine

On the red carpet, Chris Pine takes amazing risks and pulls them off. But when he’s off duty — carrying books and his Porsche keys in the same hand — with his bedraggled beard and cardigan, let’s call it what it is: dad on vacation style. And not in a cool way. I love him. I’d die for him. But those slip-on shoes and drop-crotch sweatpants he’s always in? I’m so concerned

Sydney Sweeney

I can never really pinpoint what’s going on with Sydney Sweeney’s style. And that’s never a good thing. Her press tour outfits for Anyone But You have been confusing at best, and boring at worst. High-low dresses? Bedazzled vests? Even her viral Miu Miu skirt moment fell short for me. And while I love a good workwear moment, it says something that my favorite of her looks is the coveralls she wears to restore cars.

Bradley Cooper

This is a recent one. Pulling a DiCaprio, he’s certainly been taking some fashion risks to keep up with his rumored, much younger girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. But these risks haven’t always paid off. The varsity jackets are for the girls. That’s all I’ll say about that.

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