Mothers Who Are Mothering

When it’s time to shop for Mother’s Day, I’m always left feeling a little…basic. I mean, sure, my mom will love anything I get her (I hope) but it’s redundant to continue buying her the same candle and flower bouquet combo year after year.

But what do you get your poor mother, who has to deal with you texting her about every little minor inconvenience daily? There truly doesn’t seem like a gift out there that could level out the amount of times she has had to cook and clean for me. I’m an exhausting child to deal with, I’m sure. So the least I can do is try a little harder to get her a gift she loves.

And while I don’t need to use my father’s credit card anymore to purchase my mom’s gift…I can’t help but wonder what Gwyneth Paltrow receives on Mother’s Day…or Kim Kardashian. (Although, I totally see North gifting her a visit from Ice Spice?)

The word “mother” is currently a popular slang term for women who are serving looks left and right. Confident, powerful women who dictate trends and times. Rihanna? A real-life mother of two…but also, mother to the music industry.

It’s an emulation of our own matriarchs, who have built the foundation of who we are as people today…picking your favorite Hollywood women and labeling them “mother” is the utmost of compliments in this day and age. Like when they refer to Nicole Kidman as mother for her AMC ad before movies.

So this year I want to get a wee bit creative with my Mother’s Day gift. I decided to make a gift guide inspired by our favorite mothers…whether they be mothers by the traditional definition or mothers by 2023’s terms.

A Gift Inspired By Keke Palmer 

Our meme queen Keke Palmer is having a huge year: she starred in Jordan Peele’s Nope, she’s hitting red carpets, she’s doing interviews, and she just took the Met Gala stairs after giving birth not too long ago. Now, with Big Boss coming out it’s time for a big boss-level gift.

Last year, Keke told Variety that on the top of her gift list was a massage…and I guarantee your mom will thank you for this one. Give the gift of a spa day, everyday with the Theragun for a deep tissue massage at her convenience. It’s what Keke would want.

A Gift Inspired By Rihanna

She’s always the moment. No one else can show up late to the Met and have paparazzi begging on their knees for a photo. So what do you get the woman who has it all?

You get her diamonds. Whether it be a lab diamond or pure, who’s going to really know the difference at the end of the day? Rihanna has an entire song dedicated to the gem of all gems, so you know you can’t go wrong.

A Gift Inspired By Kim Kardashian 

Queen of the influencers, Kim Kardashian is always updating the public on her high-profile life. Phone glued to her hands, Kim K is a busy woman who is quite literally always on the move. And if I were a betting woman, I would be remiss if I didn’t plug her own brand for her Mother’s Day inspired gift.

Skims is the most viral brand happening right now. Everyone is obsessed with shapewear that can double as an outfit, she has completely elevated the Spanx-dominated industry. Your mom will love the Skims robes, which are high quality and luxurious to the touch.

A Gift Inspired By Gwyneth Paltrow 

Mother Goop is always catching headlines. She is unapologetically herself: drinking egregious amounts of bone broth, getting sued for a skiing accident (and winning $1 in the process), and running a wellness empire that is based on her vision of unattainable health. And, somehow, you can’t hate her for it.

So what would you get Gwyneth for Mother’s Day? Her Goop gift guide had a reasonably priced $8,000 home sauna. I’d go with the classic cashmere turtleneck, inspired by her time on trial.

A Gift Inspired By Shay Mitchell 

Shay Mitchell is known for her roles in Pretty Little Liars and YOU, but also for her amazing travel brand BEIS. She’s changed the game with cute weekend getaway totes that are multi-functional and carry-on suitcases to match. BEIS is TikTok’s favorite brand for a reason.

Your mom should have the magical Mary Poppins bag that can fit all of her necessities in one. That’s why The Weekender is the perfect Shay Mitchell inspired gift, your mom can run out of the house knowing she has everything confined to one bag. Plus, the zippered pouch underneath makes for the perfect wet clothes holder.

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