How To Keep Your Toddler Entertained & Learning

When you've got a toddler and a newborn, you need to get resourceful.

Becoming a mom for the second time's a little trickier than the first time around.

Yes, I have the advantage of knowing which products are actually worth buying, which diapers are the best, and all the hand-me-downs have been great! But now, I not only have a newborn, but also a toddler, Luke.

I worried about how I was going to manage my time between the two of them. Is this something all moms go through? However - lucky me! - it just worked out. Luke is besotted with his baby sister, Eva, and even tries to help me and his dad with her. He truly is the best boy ever, clearly not biased.

I must admit that I do have some help that keeps our days running smoothly. And, no, it's not a nanny, it's Muzzy. I spent my entire third trimester searching for something that would magically keep Luke occupied once Eva was here. I also worried that the new baby would cut into our precious reading and storytime with Luke.

My husband told me I was searching for the impossible. And I was starting to think the same when I discovered Muzzy, an award-winning language learning program created by the BBC that uses cartoons and online games to teach kids new languages. Muzzy entertains your kids while educating them about new cultures and foreign languages.

I did think Luke might be a bit too young for this but then I read about the language learning window of opportunity and how it's best to start children when they're young. Turns out, 4 years is the perfect age, and some kids start even younger!

Muzzy'scolorful cartoons use a natural immersion method which will be sure to captivate Luke and start him on his way to learning a new language.

My husband and I were terrible at high school Spanish so we both laughed at the thought of Luke teaching us as we signed up and subscribed to Muzzy.

And Muzzy doesn't just offer Spanish and Latin American Spanish, you can choose from French, British English, Chinese, German, Italian, and Korean languages.

We told Luke there was a surprise coming in the post so he'd be excited for his Muzzy package to arrive. When it was delivered he tore into the packaging to find a new cartoon for him to watch, he couldn't wait for me to turn it on!

I was nervous that he'd lose interest once he heard the Spanish, but I'd never seen his little eyes so wide while watching anything before. He fell in love with all the colorful characters and when he said his first few spanish words, we were so proud.

Now that we have Muzzy, I have absolutely no guilt letting Luke learn Spanish while I tend to Eva. I know he's happily absorbed by Muzzy and growing his brain.

Luke even asked if Eva wanted to watch Muzzywith him. And what an awesome idea, and the best hammy-down ever!

If you're looking for something to occupy your kids cause you've a new member in the family or you just need more time during the day for yourself, Muzzy is the answer. Your children will love it and you'll have zero guilt cause you're giving them exactly what they need to grow.

Update: Muzzy's Limited Holiday Sale: Get 67% Off A Subscription + FREE Homeschooling Lessons When You Purchase Today!

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