The Benefits Of Language Learning For The Under-10 Crowd

Since becoming a mom five years ago, I've made it my number one priority to give my two the best start in life. From the moment I held my son for the first time, I promised myself that I'd make sure that he and my little girl grow up healthy and happy.

I insist they play outdoors in the summer and limit their screen time, but they still manage to sneak in more than I'm happy with. The family's schedule is so unpredictable, and having two under the age of five means there's never a dull moment!

I'm always searching for new ways to keep them entertained and ensure that they're continually learning. Recently, I've been reading about how it's easier to acquire a second language at a young age, and can even give children a head start in life. I really didn't want to miss the vital window of opportunity. Learning now would be so much easier for them than if they were to start at a later age. Kids who gain a second language early have higher test scores and better career opportunities in the future. This sounded great, but my husband and I don't speak a second language and we couldn't afford to hire a private tutor.

I tried a language learning app tailored for kids, but my son lost interest in five minutes. I'd given up on the idea until a Mom at the kids' playgroup told me about Muzzy. It's an award-winning language learning program developed by experts at the BBC that uses cartoon movies to teach kids - as early as preschool - how to speak a new language. Muzzy teaches little ones of all ages up to 1200 words and phrases through online games, songs, and worksheets.

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My twos interests change on what seems like a daily basis, so keeping them entertained can be a challenge. I figured I had nothing to lose because they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but as soon as my kids saw Muzzy'sadorable animated characters, they were hooked! After further research, I was surprised to find that bilingual children have more of an advantage than I first realized. Here are 4 reasons you need to try Muzzy:

Higher Test Scores

Bilingual brains experience a non-stop, full mental workout. Muzzy's cartoon programs are designed to mimic the way children attain their first language. Hearing it aloud accelerates how kids associate images with words and Muzzy's online games and worksheets reinforce these learnings. When kids' brains are constantly stimulated it leads to improved planning, concentration, and the ability to multitask - all qualities that boost test scores.

Improved Problem Solving Abilities

I never realized that our brains have a greater capacity to acquire languages before we reach our teen years. So, the earlier a child starts, the easier it is. Children who are exposed to a second language have been shown to think more clearly, and can communicate complex thoughts more readily. Language learning can also be responsible for out-of-the-box thinking and improved problem-solving skills.

Enhance Future Career And Cultural Opportunities

Even though my two are still very young, I'm impressed by the long-term benefits of gaining a second language. As they get older, bilingualism can help them get jobs in competitive fields and earn higher wages. It can also lead to optimal travel experiences. They can immerse themselves in new cultures and even their heritage. My husband's great-grandmother was from Mexico, so we're very proud that the kids are learning Spanish. They're both connecting with their past and are helping us learn, too!

Because It's Guilt-Free Screen Time!

Learning is a full-time job for children. They have the time to dive in and become completely absorbed in a new language. Your kids are going to watch cartoons anyway, so they might as well learn something valuable at the same time. My son and daughter now demand that I put on Muzzy. They love following the big green monster on all of his adventures. On Saturday mornings, my husband makes pancakes and we watch it as a family. Talk about quality time!

Muzzyis available in 7 different languages. It comes as both a DVD set, and as an online subscription, starting at just $3.29 a month. It's an investment that will give my kids a huge advantage in life. Moms know that the years fly by, so helping my kids improve their cognitive function and creativity at a young age makes me feel great. Muzzy is the best way to give your children the head start in life that they deserve.

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