Why Muzzy Is The Best At-Home Language Course For Your Child

The best time to learn a new language is before the age of 10. Research has shown that children's brains are specifically wired to learn languages effortlessly. A second language can build problem-solving skills, improve cognitive function, and even increase empathy, so it's important not to miss that 10-year window. Parents everywhere are supporters of the language-building blocks designed by BBC's Muzzy.

In the beloved DVD series and online web program, the big green monster and his friends go on adventures in different languages where the stories can be understood without subtitles; children love the visuals and the stories, and are at an age where they can instinctively pick up on new sounds and turn it into a new language.

Muzzy's beloved by people of all ages, but here are some of the program's biggest fans.

The Parents Who Want To Teach Kids Their Heritage

Teaching your children about their heritage can be such a rewarding experience; watching them pouring over grandpa's old letters to your grandma in America, or deciphering Great Aunt Linda's recipe for schnitzel in German. With options to learn Spanish (Latin America or Catalonian), French, English (British or American), German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean, Muzzy covers many cultures. And although kids already get a massive amount of screen time these days, Muzzy offers guilt-free screen time, still in the form of cartoons.

The Parents Who Want The Educational Advantage

Language-learning should be a part of any educational program; its benefits include the increased ability to follow directions, advanced communication skills, improved memory, higher test scores, broader career aspects, and increased confidence. In Muzzy, there's no translation to English, but instead, a focus on fun narrative, so kids are immediately immersed without becoming overwhelmed, laying a great foundation to language learning in later grades in school.

Muzzy also helps them nail all of the pre-k basics: greeting people, asking for things politely, counting, family and friends, expressing likes and dislikes, describing location, telling time, seasons, months, days of the week, pets and other animals, transportation, food, shapes and colors, household items and more.

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The Parents Who Homeschool

With a flexible school day at home, Muzzy fits easily into a child's curriculum. Videos are between 2 and 12 minutes, so they can even be used as breaks or rewards! If the whole family integrates it as part of the routine, it could even lead to a final exam in the form of a trip to a new country. Muzzy is the language learning option that can actually hold kids' attention spans and lead to amazing opportunities while being much more affordable than a tutor.

You may remember the BBC's Muzzy from when you were a kid, and the reason they're still around is because they nailed the formula on their first go. For $59, or less than $5 a month for a yearly subscription, Muzzy is an easy, inexpensive way to help your kids become bilingual, all under the guise of watching fun cartoons.

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