My Experience Using Dr. Squatch


Editor’s Note: I was using the same soap I used since I was a kid; until I started using Dr. Squatch.

How It Started

I was never a “personal care” kinda dude. Up until recently, I had no idea what that term even meant. My old morning routine included a quick shower with a bar of soap and a shave, followed by about 14 cups of rocket-fuel coffee.

When it came to products, my go-to’s were either the same brands my dad used, or whatever was on sale at the store. I didn’t care about how anything smelled, what the ingredients were, or whether it nourished my skin. They did the job of keeping me clean-- what else did I need?

Sure, my bars of soap never lasted, and would turn to slimey mush in a matter of weeks, but I would re-buy it and continue the same cycle.

When I moved in with my girlfriend a couple months back, she would poke fun at the sad bar of soap that lay melting in the shower. She could spend an eternity in the shower and leave smelling like strawberries, whereas I still smelled the same as I did in college.

Seeing all of her natural products in the shower got me thinking it might be time to up my own routine. But men’s personal care is so limited, and I had no idea what I was even looking for. But a couple months back while scrolling on IG, my girlfriend came across Dr. Squatch, a company that creates essential personal care products for men that are natural, long-lasting, and smell fantastic.

I had to up my routine , and there didn’t seem like a better time.

Dr. Squatch
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How It’s Going with Dr. Squatch

At first, I was curious about whether the switch was even worth it, but after checking out all of the products Dr. Squatch has, I knew I was making the right move. Hair care, deodorant, toothpaste, beard oils, cologne-- you name it, they got it.

Dr. Squatch is known for its soaps, and as I said I’m partial to a bar of soap. But these aren't your average bars, they come in modern scents like Cool Fresh Aloe, Bay Rum, Alpine Sage, Gold Moss and tons more. Their soaps are made using the traditional cold process to retain natural glycerin and nutrients in each bar without the harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives found in generic products.

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With so many choices, and the fact that I really needed to up my game in general, I decided the best bet would be a bundle - and I started with the SUAVE kit, which had 3 bar soaps, soap saver, deodorant, and a hair care kit. I could individually select my scents, and I picked a range of different scents, just out of pure excitement of having something to choose from. The bundle took the guesswork out of what to order--perfect for a guy like me who has no clue what a personal care routine should entail.

The next week it was at my doorstep(shopping from the couch is really my vibe). After opening the box, the first thing I noticed was that it didn’t smell like toxins; it actually smelled like a nice cologne. I jumped into the shower and gave the Cedar Citrus a try and came out feeling fresh and energized.

I ditched my year-old 2-1 bottle that was clunky and used the Cyprus Coast Shampoo and the Cool Citrus Conditioner, making my hair incredibly soft and moisturized. I couldn’t wait to use my new deodorant - Birchwood Breeze Deodorant, which gave me a woody and fresh

Now that I know I love their hair care and soaps, I couldn’t wait to try the toothpaste and beard oils. There’s now a competition for hot water in our house because I love my showers. 🤣

The Takeaway

I love Dr.Squatch-- I smelled nicer, my skin and hair look and feel healthier, and I’m definitely going to keep using them for my personal care. Plus, with Dr. Squatch’s subscribe and save option, I save 15% and get free shipping.

Don’t be late to the party-- stop using the same old soaps and switch to Dr. Squatch for all your personal care needs.

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