My Guide To Fastic, The Intermittent Fasting App

Healthy living isn’t something that comes easy to me, and it’s definitely not made easier by doing it alone. Moving into a healthier lifestyle takes patience, practice, and at times, phoning all my friends.

I’ve tried most health apps and diet plans - and dragged my friends along with me - so when I heard about Fastic, the intermittent fasting app that helps with your overall health and wellbeing every step of the way, my ears perked right on up!

Since there are always opportunities when it comes to bettering my health, I decided to give Fastic a go and download the app.

Here’s everything I found out.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

While some people think fasting is just depriving yourself of food, there’s quite a bit more to it. Fasting is actually an eating pattern based on time rather than a conventional diet focused on food.

Fasting can follow several patterns, the most common being the 16:8 method, meaning for 16 hours you fast, and then have a feeding window for 8 hours. While it sounds simple, intermittent fasting can become pretty difficult without a partner or an app to guide you through the process.

What Are The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting?

Fasting is traditionally known for its benefits around weight loss since you’re significantly reducing your caloric intake by not eating. But, it’s also known to boost mental clarity, restore balance, increase energy, and in some cases has even been shown to reverse Type 2 Diabetes and prevent its development.

What Is Fastic?

Fastic is an intermittent fasting app designed to not only help you fast, but also move toward a more holistic, healthy lifestyle filled with healthy habits.

With Fastic Plus, you can also access a Fastic Nutrition Coach, lessons from experts on healthy living, and ways to build healthy habits outside of just your diet.

How does Fastic Help With Intermittent Fasting?

Fasting isn’t just ‘not eating for a prolonged period of time,’ but a conscious, cognitive decision that requires help! Plain old fasting using a timer just doesn’t cut it - trust me, I’ve tried.

Once I answered a few questions about what I’m looking for with Fastic, they gave me a tailored plan surrounding my fasting. The plan is created by health professionals and includes timelines and details about what to expect during my fast, day by day.

Unlike other fasting apps or fasting on my own, Fastic offers recipes, healthy habits, lessons from experts, and a massive community ready to support you! Fastic promotes healthy living with fasting at the core.

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What Kind Of Features Does The App Have?

Fastic Plus offers a Nutrition Coach to help make healthy meals that keep me on track when I’m within my feeding window. I can pick personal goals like reduce body fat, build muscle, keep current weight, or optimize weight, and also add in what kind of diet I want ranging from everything, to Pescatarian, Vegetarian, and Vegan. From there, I can receive detailed recipes from over 400 meals and nutrition advice designed to help my fast.

Aside from their recipes, I also have the option to build healthy habits right from the app. I can choose from a range of healthy habits and Fastic will keep me on track for 21 days to make sure I build my habit.

Since I know I’m more likely to reach my goals with friends, I also have access to Fastic’s community - over 200,000 users in a Facebook group, too! We can follow and support each other, send messages, and make sure we’re all staying accountable right from the app - so now I don’t have to keep bugging my friends about my progress...

How Do I Start Intermittent Fasting With Fastic?

Fastic offers a 14-day trial for their paid plans, so you can get started immediately! Once you answer a few questions about the results you’re looking for, you can choose how much you want to pay for the trial and play around with everything Fastic+ has to offer.

They also offer several payment options and subscriptions if I want to upgrade and access recipes, weekly challenges, and connect with Fastic experts: there’s a one-month for $4.60 per week, three months for $3.07 per week, and a year-long option for $2.30 per week.

The total span that Fastic offers is next-level. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, restore balance, or even build healthy habits, Fastic is there for you. They even offer a Feel Good Guarantee, so if you don’t feel any sort of mental or physical improvement within 21 days, you can get your money back!

I love that Fastic is approachable, interactive, and just wants me to feel good!