I Tried CUUP. Here’s My Honest Opinion

I’ve always had a hard time finding bras that are my size, comfortable, stylish, and won’t break the bank.

Every bra I own has its pros and cons — the sexy push-up bras dig in, and the ones that fit perfectly look like they could be my grandma’s. After years of trying many bras, I accepted it wasn’t possible to find a bra that ticks all my boxes.

Until, one day, my friend was talking about a new bra she was loving with mesh cups and gorgeous colors; it was by CUUP. She’s got a much smaller chest than me, so I told her to stop making me jealous, assuming they didn’t make my size. However, she mentioned they range from cup sizes A-H and band sizes 30-44, so they might actually carry my size.

When I visited the CUUP website, I loved the styles and shades. They offered beautiful neutral shades as well as prints like leopard and rich, vibrant hues like sea blue and sun yellow. There was a variety of materials available too, like sheer mesh, which looked amazing on the models but I wasn’t sure how I would feel being in something so revealing.

I noticed CUUP has an in-depth fit quiz you can take to double-check your size, so I went through it with a measuring tape, and it verified my size. I was surprised! CUUP recommended a different size from my usual as my true fit is based on their no-padding design. They seemed to be the experts, so I wanted to trust my newfound size.

But I was worried — while these bras looked stunning on the models…what would they look like on me? I’d never shopped online for a bra or bought one without trying it on. Even with CUUP’s fit quiz, I thought it was too much of a gamble especially when I know how hard it is for me to find bras that are just right.

Turns out, CUUP offers a TryNow program that allows you to try on any bra before buying! I’d never seen anything like this in my years of online shopping.

Basically, CUUP places a hold on your card when you check out, but you’re not charged. Your 7-day trial starts the day your CUUP order arrives; you can send back anything you don’t want and only be charged for what you want to keep.

This was such an innovative system – I get to try on my bras before buying, just like I’d normally do, but from the comfort of my home! I decided to order the sheer Balconette in Black, the Scoop in Vine Green, and the Plunge bikini top with matching high-waisted bottoms since swim season is approaching.

Everything arrived right on time, and the packaging looked amazing. I was excited but I still had my doubts that these bras would be perfect for me.

I tried the Scoop first since it was similar to some of my current bras. I liked the thicker straps and the smooth shape. It fit so comfortably, I was shocked - I barely felt like I was wearing a bra, let alone one with underwire. It wasn't digging into my breasts or my shoulders, and you couldn't see it at all under a t-shirt!

I had officially found a new everyday bra, so even if the Balconette didn’t suit me I’d be happy. I felt a little risque when I tried it on at first, but it started to grow on me! I definitely grew up trying to add padding to disguise any nip showing through, but I don't know why. I felt like an artist's muse — the black was classic and gorgeous, and the mesh was so, so pretty.

There was a gentle lift, great support, and this bra is definitely made to celebrate the female anatomy (which I love!). Also, it fit like a glove, the quality was amazing. Even the mesh material felt sturdy.

The Plunge bikini with the matching Highwaist bottoms was the last try on of my haul. I have to say, my breasts were more supported than ever and the Deep V Neckline made me feel sexy – which I rarely do in a bikini. The Highwaist bottoms were also super flattering, showing my curves in all the right places (my booty looked incredible).

I kept it all! And these bras have become staples for me now. Whoever designed CUUP understands women's figures more than anyone else. Everything feels supportive and comfortable, but I also feel like I’m embracing my body in a new way when I’m wearing CUUP.

I'm amazed that CUUP designs for women of all shapes and sizes. I’ve already gone back and ordered the Balconette in their new satin collection and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

So, if you struggle to find a bra that ticks every box, you should check out CUUP. You can thank me later!

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