My Journey With ProLon

Editor’s Note: I do my best to eat healthy, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly, but I noticed I was feeling stressed and tired all the time. I thought it would be smart to switch up my eating habits. I considered adding intermittent fasting to my routine but worried I could keep it up past a few days. I was overwhelmed with options and had no clue where to start until I found ProLon's Nutrition Program - a 5-Day plan.

Before I Tried ProLon

After a certain birthday, I began to feel…sluggish. My standard amount of sleep was no longer cutting it, and upping my workouts was impossible.

I had a sneaking suspicion that it was what I was eating. Sure, I got my fruits and veggies, but I was eating too many carbs - hello baguettes. Too much sugar - hello donuts and chocolate cake. And taking too much time between meals. My blood sugar was yoyoing and messing with my focus, energy, and mood.

I’d heard so many great things about intermittent fasting, I really wanted to try it. It has potential benefits like facilitated fat-burning, accelerated cell repair, stress reduction, increased lifespan, and more.* But I was nervous I couldn’t sustain it.

For my first try, I successfully fasted for a day. On day two, I was so completely drained, I ordered diner waffles to break the fast….not the best call. Post-waffles, I was too stuffed to go to the gym, so my plan backfired spectacularly.

Fasting is tricky! I went to the internet to see if there were any hacks I hadn’t thought of, and that’s how I found ProLon’s 5-day program.

After I Tried ProLon

ProLon offers a 5-day nutrition meal program that can help you hit your weight goals easier than ever. While other programs - or no program at all - can leave you hankering for your next meal, ProLon helps you stay on track and satiated by ensuring that your meals don’t eclipse the caloric intake required to sustain weight management.

Their experts draw from 20 years of scientific research including clinical trials to figure out the perfect balance of protein, fiber, and calories to give you those benefits without burning you out.

I was definitely intrigued. I found their tips really helpful. They were definitely right that I hadn’t hydrated enough during my experiment and they also have plenty of groups for support!

I was eager to try it since a 5-day nutrition program is far less scary than doing it without any guidance. I ordered their patented box for their 5-day plan. But you can subscribe and save or order in bulk for multiple resets. The meals for each day consist of protein bars, soups in flavors like Minestrone Quinoa and Butternut Squash, teas like Lemon Spearmint, and more.

5-day nutrition meal program
Draw from 20 years of scientific research including clinical trials

Get Started With ProLon's Nutrition Program!

When it arrived, it seemed like a good amount of food; I was confident I’d make it through the 5 days. On day one, I was relieved that the food is actually tasty - phew! I was aware that I needed to hold back on exercising. But, thankfully, I still had enough energy for morning walks and light yoga.

Around day three, I was getting a bit hangry, but I checked in with a friend and soon enough, it was time for another ProLon snack. Having plenty of light meals throughout the day is great for my stamina.

After day five? I felt like a new person! I’d lost a couple of pounds, but more importantly, I was feeling light and refreshed, and it felt easy to make healthy choices going forward.

ProLon put me on the right track, and now that I’m eating to fuel my body and sustain my workouts, I feel unstoppable. I’m definitely doing this again!

Get Started With ProLon's Nutrition Program!


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