My Life Before I Tried Cove Vs. After


Editor’s Note: Over the past few years, I experienced the absolute worst migraine headaches. I spent more time at my neurologist’s office and my darkened bedroom than anywhere else - not to mention the crazy amount of money I spent on pills and treatments. But then I found Cove.

Here’s What My Migraine Experience Was Like Before Cove:

Whenever I had a migraine attack, I felt severe pain in my head, nausea, and was extremely sensitive to light. Sometimes these horrible headaches lasted for a day, but other times they didn’t stop for an entire week. I missed dinner parties, events, and even my own birthday one year. I was suffering - not just physically, but also mentally.

I spent hours trying to book an appointment with my neurologist, and then weeks to actually have the appointment to try and figure out treatment plans. I can’t even fathom the time I’ve spent at the pharmacy waiting to get my prescription filled, only to have the pills either not work or give me weird side effects like ringing in my ears.

Having to wait for urgent appointments and paying $200 for each visit was outrageous - as if migraine itself wasn’t already bad enough. I eventually reached a point where I was ready to give up.

Then I came across an article on Cove – a telemedicine company specializing in migraine care. I had to check it out.

Here’s What My Migraine Experience Was Like After Cove:

I was attracted to Cove right away as it claims it makes life with migraine easier. After a quick online consultation, I received a treatment plan tailored to my individual symptoms, and then I got my meds shipped to my doorstep. So long, pharmacy lines!

Another great thing about Cove is that their options are super affordable. Treatment plans range from $20 to $79 - even without insurance!

They offer acute medications to relieve pain ASAP, preventive meds to make attacks less frequent, anti-nausea medication to combat that queasy feeling, and various supplements all surrounding migraine relief.

To my surprise, the treatment my Cove doctor prescribed me worked unbelievably well. Plus, Cove offers auto-refills, so I never have to worry about running out. I’m also taking their supplement Super B now, which helps reduce my migraine symptoms tremendously and improve my mood and energy levels.

Cove also helped me understand my migraine better by using a tracker tool and offering tons of resources on their site. And whenever I have questions or need adjustments, I can message my Cove doctor at any time – no need to wait for an appointment!


Migraine-life post Cove is a true blessing. I haven’t missed a day at work and didn’t have to cancel any of my girls’ nights. Running out of prescriptions or having to spend hours in line at a doctor’s office are part of my past. I got my life back and for that I’m forever grateful!

If you suffer from migraine, you’ve got to give Cove a try!

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