My Week In Vuori: The Ultimate Athleisure Wear

I’m an athleisure girl at heart. If I can go a whole day in my favorite leggings and t-shirt - I’m doing it. 2021 taught me that comfort is essential and I’m keeping it going in 2022.

My daily uniform used to be my old sweatpants and a baggy shirt from college. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not my cutest look and after all these months I knew it was time to upgrade. (There are only so many holes in my leggings I can justify.) I wanted to level up on style and quality and knew there had to be better options out there than Lululemon and AloYoga.

Thankfully, after a little scrolling I found Vuori. The coastal California inspired brand was exactly what I’d been looking for. It checked every box on my list - style, quality, and comfort. I knew I had to try Vuori, so I got their Performance Jogger and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Here’s how I wear Vuori all week long:


The start of the work week means comfort. I’m easing into Zoom calls and emails with the Performance Jogger’s ultra-soft, DreamKnit™ fabric. On top, I add the Halo Essential Hoodie, so I’m super snug working from the couch - let’s be honest, no one uses their desk on Mondays. This cozy fit and a cup of coffee gets my week started on the right foot.


I like to get my cardio session in early during the week, but I hate having a million outfit changes in the day. With Vuori’s Daily Legging I can go about my work and afternoon errands, then head straight to the gym. They have a flattering high-waisted cut and supportive drawstring detail I’ve never had before.

The Lux Performance Tank is the perfect base layer and has a great racerback, breathable design. I get super sweaty working out and while I used to wear enormous shirts to cover it up; I don’t need to any more thanks to Vuori’s game-changing moisture-wicking technology..


While some call it Hump day, I call it the busiest day of the week. I’m up early getting things done around the house, getting my steps in during lunch, and then out for dinner with friends. Again, I’m a one-fit kind of girl so I just keep the Ripstop Pant Long on all day.

The DuraTerra™ ripstop fabric has a comfortable two-way stretch and the zip pocket lets me stash my phone and keys. It felt impossible to be hands-free without a purse before finding Vuori. I throw on the Long-Sleeve Halo Crew because a cropped pullover goes with any and all occasions in the athleisure life.


Before the weekend revs up I like to hunker down in my Long-Sleeve Lux Jumpsuit. I can run to the store in it or stay curled up on the couch and still feel cozy in the buttery soft fabric. I love this outfit so much I have it in the Clay Heather and Midnight Heather! Everything changed when I said goodbye to the onesie and hello to this jumpsuit.


I MADE IT! And to reward myself I slip into the Rib Studio Legging. I love treating myself to an evening in these four-way stretch, high-rise bottoms that I can dress up or down, depending on where the night takes me. Everyone knows that leggings on a night out are a boss move - throw on a crop top, some jewelry, and I’m good to go!


On Sweat Saturdays, I like to get active and either hit a spin class or go for a hike. Either way I’m in my Clementine Short. They’re lightweight with a breathable bikini-brief liner making them comfortable no matter how into my workout I get. I’m also not in the usual rush to change and can actually go grab a cup of coffee after. Pair the shorts with the Energy Top and you’ve got my Saturday go-to - simple and stylish.


The Sunday Scaries are real. However, not so bad when I’ve got Halo Wideleg Pant and Halo Performance Hoodie on. The hoodie and pants are made with the same DreamKnit™ fabric as the Monday hero Performance Jogger. It’s like being wrapped in a hug all day long. However, I like to have the Halo Performance Crop underneath the hoodie to spice up the athleisure look. The built-in, light-support bra takes lounging to the next level.

That’s my whole week with Vuori! I love mixing and matching all their gorgeous colors and have never felt bored with the options, unlike other athleisure brands. Plus, it’s great not having to choose between great workout wear or loungewear because Vuori really is that versatile.

With styles from $36 - $98, I’m staying comfy, supported, and chic all week long. Check out Vuori and see how amazing your week can be!

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