Switching To MyGreenFills Was The Best Decision For My Family

It feels like half my laundry room is reserved for detergent.

The big orange and blue bottles take up so much shelf space - I wish I didn't have to buy in bulk, but it's so much cheaper and we run out so fast.

A few months ago I went to visit my sister in her new house. She was giving us the grand tour, and I couldn't help but notice that there weren't any cleaning products laying around. I figured she stashed everything in a closet somewhere, but it wasn't until we got to the laundry room that I noticed the bottles.

On a shelf above the washer and dryer, there was a rainbow of white bottles with colored labels and one white jug of detergent at the end.

It was the prettiest laundry room I'd ever seen. I asked where she got the bottles and she told me they were from MyGreenFills - instead of buying a new bottle of cleaner every time she ran out, she'd bought the bottles once and now only received the refills.

She showed me the box of color-coded refill packages at the end of the shelf - it was about the size of a shoebox, but it would last half a year.

She mentioned that not only is MyGreenFills super concentrated and efficient - the cleaning products are all-natural. The formulas are eco-friendly and with the refillable bottles and reduction of plastic, the entire company is super sustainable.

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It sounded amazing, but I was skeptical about all-natural cleaning products and if they really worked. She let me smell the cleaners, and there was no odor whatsoever. No chemicals! She said that you can also add their blends of essential oils to customize the smell of the cleaners in a natural way.

Since they looked and smelled like water, I needed to try the formulas for myself though to be sure they really worked. I wasn't sure how it would go, but I really was sick of that bright blue goo and the huge jugs.

Since their products were affordable, I ordered their laundry products, the stain stick, the clothing brightener, and the bathroom cleaner with the containers - if the bathroom cleaner could clean the dirtiest room in my home, I'd be hooked on the rest of their products, too.

The prices were comparable to other non-toxic products I'd seen before AND if they really were more potent I would save money in the long run - plus I'd only have to purchase the refills next time. The laundry detergent would only cost me 14 cents per load (a gift when you have 2 boys who manage to make anything they have on filthy by the end of the day).

My orders arrived in fully recyclable packing and once I put everything together, I was ready to clean. All I had to do was mix the concentrated formula with water in the bottles and shake 'em up.

Everything smelled great, and I will say the beautiful bottles make doing laundry more exciting. When I took out my clothes, they felt great - not too soft or starchy, with just a hint of that fabulous smell. The other products worked great, too, which I was more surprised about considering how dirty the house gets sometimes with the kids.

Fast forward a few months and I've gotten rid of all the chemical-laced cleaning products in my garage and went MyGreenFills all the way! I'm thrilled with the high-quality formulas, the cheaper overall price, the reduction of my carbon footprint, AND how they look great in my home!

Lately, Keeping your space clean is so important, but so is helping the environment, and with MyGreenFills you can do both. I cannot tell you how many people I've recommended these products to already. They're absolutely fantastic, and there's something for every mess in your home.

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