Non-Toxic Cleaning Products From MyGreenFills- Do They Work?

I tried the Spring Clean Bundle....here's what happened

What a strange winter. I've never in my life spent more time indoors.

Molly and Brad got sent home from college to do their coursework online. They brought their filthy clothes, all their stuff and their appetites. We've been cooking up a storm and juggling independent work spaces, so every corner of every room in the house has taken a beating.

All of a sudden, I look up and it's Summer. My favorite time of the year. Every Spring, I do a gigantic toss out, scrub-up, and reorg to get ready for the warmer months. With the madness of the last few months, I had completely forgotten my annual ritual. Better late than never! The only trouble is that lately when I even do a light clean of the bathroom and kitchen I get nauseous and have to lie down. Molly said that it's likely the fumes from the crazy-toxic cleaners I use.

These are the most popular brands, my mom used them. So do I. So, I don't know what the problem is. Then Molly said that toxins are also absorbed through your skin - it is the largest organ in the body, after all. She suggested that perhaps I could no longer tolerate the chemicals. She mentioned that there's no federal regulation when it comes to the ingredients in cleaning products.

Her college roommate uses an all-natural brand called Truly Free from MyGreenFills. They make cleaners for your home, degreasers and even odor eliminating sprays. Plus, all their formulas are eco-friendly and free from fragrance, dyes, formaldehyde, chlorine, lye, and a whole bunch of other yucky junk. I could say goodbye to the overpowering whiff of alcohol, ammonia, and bleach cause that's what was making me sick.

She pulled their site up on her phone. Truly Free by MyGreenFills is super concentrated and efficient - with cute, refillable bottles that would seriously reduce our plastic usage. Instead of inundating our landfills, MyGreenFills' members have saved over 2.5 Million plastic bottles from the ocean.

Because they're primarily plant-based and don't use cheap chemicals, I was a tad worried that MyGreenFills would be beyond my budget. However, prices are comparable to other green cleaners. They're more potent and I'd only have to purchase the refills in the future.

They have a great Spring Cleaning bundle that saves you 57% and includes all of their all-star cleaners. You get 2 of each of the following- Heavy Duty Degreaser, Odor & Stain Eliminator, Everyday Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner and Glass Cleaner. And - bonus! - they deliver directly to my door. No more lugging heavy jugs of cleaners to the car. So cool.

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

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When my orders arrived - in recyclable packaging, thank you - I immediately checked out the bottles that I'll keep and reuse. So, when future refill packets arrive, all I have to do is pour them into these beautiful bottles. After I mixed the concentrated formula with water in MyGreenFIlls bottles and shook 'em up, Molly, Brad, and I were ready to take on the house.

The Truly Free products are all unscented. Funny thing, I sorta missed the scent. How weird am I? Lucky for me, Molly had added a bottle of MyGreenFills' pure organic essential oil that you can mix into the cleaners to our shopping cart. The citrus fragrance is fantastic! We got to work, she took the bathroom, Brad took the garage, and I called the kitchen - emptying out all the cabinets, scouring the fridge, the stove inside and out. We were in a cleaning frenzy.

Truthfully, I wasn't totally convinced that this green cleaner would work as effectively as my old brands, but four hours later, the house was smelling fresh and sparkling from top to bottom. The Heavy Duty Degreaser worked wonders on my microwave. I was floored by how clean the place looked - and felt. And I didn't get overwhelmed by the fumes.

That's because MyGreenFills' ingredients are 100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and are truly safe for my family, my home, and the planet - yet kick butt on stains!

The awesome folks at MyGreenFills have a special offer available for our readers! Save Up To 57% Off Truly Free Cleaning Products Today!

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