Is MyHeritage The Best Way To Learn About Your Family Tree?

I'm definitely the "nostaligic one" in my family. I love pouring over my old photo albums to the point where the binders started to come apart.

I always love to ask my grandmother about the uncle who moved across continents and other relatives who appeared in the photos. She just didn't know everything and that wasn't her fault - family histories are complicated.

My friend and I are always exchanging crazy stories about our families' pasts. However, she had a lot more information than I did after looking into her family tree. When I asked how she managed to do all that digging, she told me it was easy with MyHeritage, an online genealogy platform.

I wasn't looking to do a big research project - I finished school, I'm good. She told me it was nothing like the stuffy research sites from college and was actually fun. I wasn't sold yet, so I checked out MyHeritage.

Here's what I was surprised to find.

MyHeritage keeps 14.5 billion historical records, like birth, death, and marriage certificates, military and voter lists, and much more.

Your information is 100% safe and secure. Normally, I'm hesitant about giving any information on my parents (even their names), so I was reassured knowing that MyHeritage isn't going to share my data.

Family tree Smart Matches connect you with family all over the world. You can access documents like photos, marriage certificates, and more to connect the dots across the globe. I could get answers to my family's questions fast.

AI-powered technology allows you to colorize and animate photos. I was so excited to bring my grandmother's old photos back to life.

The 14-Day Free Trial gives me access to everything before you commit. This means I can try the full service and start learning about my family from day 1.

Wow, this would be an incredible start to my journey. I registered, making a mental note to delete after the 14-day free trial, but I was stunned.

The little family knowledge I had paid off! I was able to trace my grandparents' family trees back several generations and my grandmother was so thrilled. I got to give her back some pieces of the past and that was truly priceless.

I never thought that all this information was out there and waiting for me to discover it. I can't wait to see what else I find about my family and see how my family continues to grow. I'm definitely keeping MyHeritage!

The folks over at MyHeritage are offering a 14 Day Free Trial for a limited time only!