MyKeto Is All You Need To Prep For Summer

I've never been one to idealize unrealistic standards for women, but that said, I do have my own version of the "swimsuit bod" I aim for when the weather starts to change: toned, lean but not too thin, and full of confidence. After joining a CrossFit gym last year, I was able to get into much better shape than I usually am in the winter time, but I still wanted to lose some stubborn fat before summer.

That's when I decided to go on the Keto diet, a diet that basically eliminates carbs and sugars to get your body to ketosis, or that stage when you are so low on carbs that you start burning fat instead. The Keto diet would mean completely changing the way I had eaten for years and a few weeks of what my gym friends called the "keto flu," or the unpleasant flu-like effects of your body withdrawing from sugar.

One of my workout buddies who had been through the Keto rollercoaster before, recommended MyKeto, a supplemental powder that helps your body get to ketosis faster and painlessly. Basically, your body goes into ketosis when your bloodstream has enough ketones in it. MyKeto powder is made up of Exogenous ketones, so it accelerates you into ketosis in just a day or two. A little Keto cheat! With just a few months to go until summer, I ordered the Fudge powder and started mixing 2 scoops with almond milk as a breakfast and pre-workout treat—that's when my experience with Keto really started to shift.

On the mornings I had MyKeto, I noticed that I was able to get through the day without feeling the effects of the keto flu, and without craving sugar. It kick starts your diet so you don't have to jump through all the hoops to get to ketosis, and the results are truly noticeable.

After a week or two, I started seeing some of the benefits of keto that I had heard so much about, like increased energy, a slimmer waistline, way less bloating, and even clearer skin. Since I wasn't so worried about the keto flu, I was also able to focus more on finding the recipes and foods that would allow me to be successful, and little by little, my eating habits ended up shifting in a major way.

Now, it's almost summer, and I have lost most of the weight I had planned on losing- and I'm also super happy with how much my muscles have toned up. In case you're wondering, I have had moments where I indulge and go off the diet a few times—a beer or a cupcake here and there—but thanks to MyKeto, I'm able to get back on track without feeling like I have to completely start over. That, more than anything, is what gave me the motivation to keep going in spite of setbacks, and I am really happy that I did. I've managed to get that "swimsuit bod" I've always wanted —and for the very first time, I'm confident that I'll keep it up for summers to come.

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