Tired Of Traditional Wine Clubs? Read This

Don't wanna be a member of a snobby wine club? Me neither.

I'm a wine-lover but I'm not interested in rambling on about a wine's body, minerality, or acidity - whatever those mean. And don't get me started on the people who shove their nose in the glass, sniffing like a hound. Then they swirl it around and spit it out like they're at the dentist...no thank you.

I've been looking for a way to embrace wine on my own terms and I found it with MyWineAunt - a fun new wine club led by the ultimate wine aunt!

I can totally see myself opening a bottle of wine with this cool Wine Aunt and listening to all her crazy stories and advice. MyWineAunt is breaking all of the rules and giving people what they actually want and I'm becoming a fast fan.

Here are 4 reasons I'm loving it:

1. Great wine for a great price

I'm not a snob but I do prefer a wine that's not in a box. With MyWineAunt I got my first shipment of 6 bottles of wine delivered to my door for only $39.99. After that each month they automatically ship a 6-bottle case for $79.99 - that's only $13.33 a bottle!

Plus, MyWineAunt sends me such high-quality wines! Their wines would normally retail for anywhere from $25-$40 per bottle. I'm satiating my expensive taste without sacrificing my budget.

2. No wine snobbery

MyWineAunt is the first wine club that doesn't shun you for not being a wine-nerd. Take away the judgment of the wine-elite, and I'll blissfully sip and savor new wines without the pressure to describe a wine as "oaky" or "plonky" or "wonky". Or any other silly wine-lingo.

I'm just drinking wine and living my life - no need to dissect it further. When MyWineAuntdelivers to my door I can be sure it'll be witty, judgment-free, and quite the adventure.

3. One on one educational experience

MyWineAunt connected me to my new BFF - a personal wine concierge. They're my go-to for all my wine needs. And trust me, I've got a lot.

I can use their live chat feature for all my pressing questions. Plus I can email them and expect a response within 2 hours Monday – Friday, 10 am to 6 pm EST with questions about anything, from wine pairings to my subscription.

I choose if I want all whites, reds, or a mix of wines and my concierge curates each shipment. Unlike other wine clubs, there are no dumb algorithms here. My wine concierge actually gets to know my tastes and helps me develop my palate by exploring exhilarating new wines.

Those who insist vague questions can predict what wine you should drink are kidding themselves. MyWineAuntgives me real recommendations from real wine experts.

4. It's fun

At the end of the day, wine is supposed to be fun. Wine should bring you joy. Even though I'm home more than usual now, I want my nights-in to be as exciting as they used to be. With MyWineAunt I bring my evenings to an end with a new bottle of delicious wine and laughing at all their hilarious, relatable content . They also have a wide selection of more traditional wine labels from top wineries around the world.

MyWineAunt delivers to my door, doesn't break the bank, and makes me laugh. It's as simple as that. I'm thrilled I didn't give up on discovering a wine club with that extra kick, and you shouldn't either.

Exclusive launch offer: 50% off your first wine order (automatically applied at checkout)!

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