9 Donuts That Look Like Cats

National Donut Day is upon us!


You might be chowing down on some fried dough treats, but check out these pictures of donuts that look like cats! Also some of cats that look like donuts! And some of cats with donuts.

Ready to have your mind blown by donut cats & donut facts?


National Donut Day was first celebrated in 1938 to honor members of the Salvation Army who served donuts to World War I soldiers.

250 Salvation Army volunteers spent WWI in France, serving donuts to the front lines of American soldiers.

The front line donut-serving women were called "Doughnut Dollies" by soldiers.

The "Doughnut Dollies" set up bakery kitchens in abandoned buildings where they served fresh donuts and coffee to servicemen.

National Donut Day was originally called "National Donut And Veggies Day."

It's actually still called that.

National Donut Day is always the first Friday in June, but International Jelly-Filled Donut Day is June 8th.

That's next week! Mark your calendars.

National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day is celebrated on September 14th!

Bonus donut fact: Boston Creme is the official favorite donut of the trueself staff.

The "donut shape" is actually called a 'torus.'

You probably donut care but the plural of torus is tori.

The origin of the donut is a mystery.

Donuts may have been invented by the Dutch, but they may have also been invented by the English. A recipe for "dow nuts" was found in a cookbook written in 1800.

There's a silly hipster food called a "cronut," which is really just a torus-shaped croissant.

Do you remember what a torus is? See fact #6 above.

The country with the highest number of donut shops per capita is Canada

Canadian donut cats rejoice!

Bonus cat donut pics!

Ceiling Cat is a meme from the mid-2000s.

Clothing with donut cats on it is becoming increasingly popular.

Cats might not be able to tell the difference between hamburgers and donuts. Our research was inconclusive.

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