Celebrate National Puppy Day with the Cutest Puppies, Ever

For many of us, this past week has left us feeling a little cagey.

Social isolation hasn't been kind to many of us, and we've maxed out on FaceTime and Zoom happy hours. At the end of the day, we're all still alone during this trying time... But at least it's National Puppy Day. In honor of this momentous holiday, we've compiled a list of the cutest puppies of all time, in the hopes that these good boys can bring a sense of calm in these uncertain times. If they don't, then maybe this social isolation is a good opportunity for you to focus on yourself and reassess why you don't like nice things.

The Chocolate Lab

Why We Love Them: The little button nose, the thick coat of fur, that flawless personality! It's no wonder the chocolate lab has been an American favorite for decades.

The French Bulldog

Why We Love Them: While they come with a relatively steep price tag, the French Bulldog is another favorite. Look at those tall pointy ears and that caramel coat. It's all so frickin' adorable!

Border Collie

Why We Love Them: Look at those little paws. Look at those striking blue eyes! Not to mention, when they grow up they're some of the smartest dogs out there.

Shih Tzu

Why We Love Them: Careful not to lose these tiny doggies! These little fur balls have a devoted following, and we can understand why. Look at those big brown eyes and their expressive eyebrows!


Why We Love Them: While these dogs also come with a rather high price tag, they are some of the cutest around. When they grow up, they turn into some of the most loyal and protective guard dogs known to man, so the price is definitely worth it!

Shia In

Why We Love Them: They look like baby foxes and are very very smart!

Irish Setter

Why We Love Them: Their thick mahogany coats are unbelievably soft, and they're unbelievably loyal and docile. Not to mention, when they get older, their coat gets even thicker!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Why We Love Them: I mean, c'mon! Just look at them! These signature dogs thrive in cold environments and have a thick coat perfect for snuggles.

Old English Sheepdog

Why We Love Them: One of the best dogs for herding, these pups are great rule followers and have big beautiful paws! Also, just look at that tongue.


Why We Love Them: It is impossible to determine the cutest feature on these floofy Chow Chows. Their thick, clean coat? Their tiny button noses? Their blue tongues? Who cares, all of it is perfect!

Dogue De Bourdeaux

Why We Love Them: These pups have very thick eyebrows, making their faces unbelievably expressive. How can you possibly stay mad at those beautiful hazel eyes?


Why We Love Them: Because of their small size, they're classified as a “TOY DOG BREED." If that isn't the cutest thing ever, then we don't know what to tell you.

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