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5 Reasons Hint Is The Best Way To Hydrate When It's Hot

You know that feeling of when it's so brutally hot out you can feel new body parts sweating? From the dead heat of summer to the cranked up heat in winter, dry heat, humid heat, and thermometer-breaking heat all require intense hydration. Sometimes water isn't enough, which is why Hint is your hot weather savior. It's water, but better. Hint water is naturally flavored by boiling the skin of the fruit, so you get all of the delicious flavor, but none of the sugar or calories.

Hint water comes in tons of flavors from cherry to mango-grapefruit and with the same nutritional value as water - zero calories! It has no harmful preservatives or diet sweeteners, so you can drink it all day long to satiate your thirst and your sweet tooth.

Here's why Hint will help you beat the heat.

1. Perfect To Pack For The Pool

When you buy Hint online, it comes in assorted packs of 36 bottles, so it's just as easy to bring to the pool as water bottles. Bonus: Sipping on watermelon-infused H20 makes those sugary sodas all the less tempting.

2. You Won't Get Bored Of The Flavors

You gotta try 'em all: pineapple, watermelon, cherry and blackberry. Our favorites are pineapple and watermelon!

3. Replacement For That Summer Lemonade

Iced teas, lemonades, and slushies can satisfy, but when that sugar crash hits, the heat will be unbearable. With no sugar, Hint's hydrating effects will boost your energy levels.

4. No More Lugging Bottles From The Grocery Store

Hint can be delivered right to your door! Order from your couch and you won't need to lug cases in and out of your car anymore. Hello, more room in your grocery cart.

5. Makes Workouts More Fun

Hint is refreshing enough to drink mid-workout, but will also hydrate you pre- and post. The fruit essences of each flavor make this the ultimate cool-down drink for your workout.

Find out which fruit flavor is the secret to staying cool and keeping water-haters hydrated in the heat. Hint delivers flavored water right to your door, so you'll always have a more fun alternative to tap.

Update: Hint is extending a special summer offer to our readers! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for only $36.

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