5 Reasons Hint Is The Best Way To Hydrate This Winter

You know that feeling when it's so cold out that you can feel your whole body freezing? So we wrap up tight in sweaters, coats, hats and scarves and most importantly, add a delicious hot brew.

Generally, during these colder months we reduce our water intake, but why? Our bodies still need the same hydration to function correctly. We face the cold weather outside and thermometer-breaking heat inside, which increases our dehydration.

Our water intake shouldn't change just because the seasons do. All the amazing benefits of staying hydrated which includes clear skin to overall health is true all year round.

Sometimes water isn't enough, which is why Hint is your savior. It's water, but infused with fruit essence. So you get delicious fruit flavor, and it's free of sugar, calories, preservatives or diet sweeteners.

Hint water comes in tons of flavors from cherry to watermelon, so you can drink it all day long to satisfy your thirst and enjoy the taste.

Here's why Hint will help you stay hydrated this winter.

1. It Will Keep Your Tastebuds and Your Wallet Happy

You don't have to sacrifice taste with this amazing deal! On your first Hint purchase, you get 36 bottles for just $1 per bottle, plus free home delivery.

2. You Won't Get Bored Of The Flavors

You gotta try them all: blackberry, cherry, peach raspberry, clementine….and our favorites pineapple and watermelon! Great when you're craving your favorite summer fruits in the middle of winter.

3. Great Alternative For That Sugary Soda

Sipping on crisp apple H2O will make you forget all about those sugary beverages. With no sugar and no sweeteners, Hint's hydrating effects will boost your energy levels so say goodbye to sugar crashes.

4. No More Lugging Bottles From The Grocery Store

Hint can be delivered right to your door! Order from your couch and you won't need to lug cases in and out of your car anymore.

5. Makes Workouts More Fun

Hint is refreshing enough to drink mid-workout, but will also hydrate you pre- and post workout. The fruit essences of each flavor make this the ultimate cool-down drink for your workout.

Hint is the secret to keeping water-lovers hydrated all year round. Hint delivers delicious fruit-infused water right to your door, so you'll always have an exciting alternative to tap water.

Update: Customize your bundle of Hint waters today! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for $36 PLUS free shipping!

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