6 Sunscreens to Buy Instead of Johnson & Johnson's Neutrogena and Aveeno

Despite the trends going around TikTok and Instagram that dictate you need to look and be a certain way to participate in Hot Girl Summer (we're looking at you, "That Girl"), all you really need is good vibes, a vaccination, and SPF.

The cardinal rules of skincare are: Drink water and wear sunscreen. Every celebrity insists these are their secrets to keeping a youthful glow and, while they're not the only factors, they are important.

And as summer gears up, staying protected and hydrated is more important than ever. But now you have to think twice about your sunscreen of choice.

Johnson & Johnson, who have spent the last year in our communal consciousness because of the Covid vaccine, are turning their attention to their sunscreens.

The brand recalled most of its aerosol Neutrogena and Aveeno spray sunscreens from stores after trace elements of the carcinogen benzene were found in samples.

The point of sunscreen is to protect against cancer, so if you're still holding on to your trusty Neutrogena Beach Defense … it may be time to let it go.

Sunscreen, in general, can be a somewhat controversial topic. Yes, we all know we should be wearing it, but since most of its benefits are long term, it's easy to toss caution to the wind and go about your day.

Some sunscreens are also chalky, thick, and leave a white cast, which is not the Coconut Girl vibe we imagine for ourselves in the summer.

But, we hear you. So do some skincare brands who are making awesome, effective sunscreens to address your concerns and make you feel as enthusiastic about sunscreen as Jack Nicholson — oh, to be slathering on sunscreen on a boat...

Black Girl Sunscreen

One of the biggest sunscreen myths is that darker skinned people do not have to wear it. And while, most often, it's more difficult for people with darker skin to get burned, sunscreen is still a must. Enter: Black Girl Sunscreen. The brand addresses the lack of conversation about protecting darker skin.

Because most sunscreens aren't made with people of color in mind, they can leave a white cast, but Black Girl Sunscreen doesn't. Formulated with rich, natural ingredients, it moisturizes, protects, and dries clear on melanin rich skin.

EleVen by Venus Williams SPF

Tennis star Venus Williams knows what it's like to spend hours in the sun, so she created a sunscreen collection to reflect her needs. The SPF serum formula is certified clean, absorbs quickly, and dries clear on all skin tones. And since the rest of us won't be running around a tennis court at the Australian Open or Wimbledon, if the sunscreen works for Venus's lifestyle, it will work for us.

Supergoop! Daily Dose

Not to be confused with Ms Gwyneth Paltrow's pseudoscience effort, GOOP, Supergoop is an innovative sun care brand making sun care cool again. The Daily Dose serum is a combination of Vitamin C + SPF for lazy girls who want to get their sunscreen in without adding another step to their morning routine.

Glossier Invisible Shield

Okay, we'll admit: some Glossier products might just be scented Vaseline, but we like them anyway! Don't hold it against us — we're highly susceptible to Instagram ads. However, the Glossier Invisible Shield might actually be worth the hype. It's lightweight, it holds under makeup, and it comes in a cool roll on container that feels satisfying to apply.

Saie Beauty Sunvisor

Calling all Coconut Girls! Saie Beauty is a certified clean brand favored by skincare experts and Instagram and TikTok girls alike. Their Sunvisor is a clean SPF for protection and hydration without the chemicals.

Cerave Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen

Cerave is the Honda of skincare — trusty, basic, will get you where you need to go. For no fuss, no frills, and dermatologist approved efficacy, this drugstore brand is all you need.

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