New Peeps-flavored Oreos reportedly turning people's poop pink

Who doesn't love the delicious crunch and creamy filling of the classic Oreocookie? Regular Oreos are delicious as they have ever been, but over the past few years, the company has been changing things up a bit, creating new flavors for their fans to enjoy. There's the Golden Oreo, Mint Oreo, Fudge Cremes, Birthday Cake flavor, and many more mouth-watering varieties to choose from. No matter you palate, there's an Oreo calling your name, ready to be dunked, unscrewed, or crumbled onto ice cream.

Most recently, Oreo launched a Peeps-flavored limited-edition version of the sandwich cookie. The outside crisps are golden and the creamy filling is a bright pink hue, just like those adorable Peeps marshmallow confections we love come Eastertime. Not only are these treats terrifically tasty, but they make for a decorative snack for the season. Kids and adults alike love their fun color and the always-satisfying Oreo goodness they've come to expect from the brand.


But there's a catch, and it's not the extra weight you may gain if you can't help yourself from devouring an entire box. It has beenreportedthat the Peeps Oreos are leaving consumers with a colorful surprise after digesting… pink-colored feces! We eat other foods with color, so why are Peeps Oreos making such a "grand finale?"

As per Live Science, "The food dye (FD&C Red No. 3) used to make these Oreos isn't broken down in the body during digestion. As these Oreos pass through the system, the pink coloring would initially be diluted to a lighter color, as it mixed with stomach fluid and other liquids in the digestive tract. But once it gets down to the colon, the excess water is removed and reabsorbed by the body. That's when the color could get more concentrated, going from a lighter pink to a darker pink."


Apparently it takes more than just a cookie or two to cause this pink poop situation – you'd need to eat a plateful in order to see the pink in your tank. This colorful phenomenon is said to be harmless and should only last for a bowel movement or possibly two. Anything worse, please put down the cookies and see a doctor. That said, as per News 5 Cleveland, "The FDA has generally considered the dye safe for human consumption."

So go on and enjoy these Peeps-inspired Oreos while they are still on store shelves. They are undeniably delicious and your poop will be right in the Easter spirit with you!

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