4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Dog's Kibble

If you're a dog mom or dad, you know it isn't as easy as it seems. Everything down to training them not to pee on the floor, to trying to find the food that they will actually eat, that is also good for them, takes a lot of trial and error.

Most people feed their pets kibble. And why wouldn't they? It's readily available, it comes in bulk, and it's recommended by the pet store employee. But if you do a little research on it, you'd realize kibble isn't the best option for your precious pooch.

Thankfully, companies likeNom Nom, whose mission is to make nutritious food for your dog, exist.

Here are 5 things you'd be surprised to learn about kibble:

It basically has no nutrients

None of the nutrients stay in kibble because of it's make. To make kibble, raw meat, vegetables, carbs, and fillers, are mixed together to create a 'dough'. Then, it is placed into a machine. Hot water or steam is applied at extremely high temperatures and pressure, which 'cooks' the dough.

As we know, extreme heat and pressure can completely eradicate the nutrients from our food, and the same goes for our dog's kibble. It's then pushed through tubes to get its shape, and chopped up, breaking down any nutrients that may be left.

The ingredients are gross

What counts as a 'meat' source in dog food can range. They may use whole, ground carcasses, including grease and feathers, and this may come from animals that are sick, diseased, or dying. Not to mention, the kibble is sprayed with animal fats and preservatives.

The cheapest vegetables available are used (any good nutrients in more expensive superfoods wouldn't survive the extrusion process anyway). Carbs such as potatoes are used to bind everything together, and bulk it up, acting simply as a filler.

It's bad for your dog

So many dogs are having allergic reactions, getting sick, and suffering from diseases such as cancer, yet many dog owners don't consider the one daily factor in their dog's life to be the problem: their kibble diet. It can't be confirmed that kibble as a whole causes diseases, but many of it's ingredients are associated with different conditions. There is even a correlation with kibble and a shorter lifespan in dogs.

Research shows that there are clear benefits to alternative diets to kibble, such as home-cooked diets for dogs - There is a reduced number of incidences of diseases with dogs who don't eat kibble.

Those who recommend kibble may not know much about it

For starters, pet store employees aren't educated about it. Not to mention, with commission models there may be an incentive for them to push customers towards higher sales. And more surprisingly, most vets aren't even educated on nutrition. Nutrition is only a small part of veterinary school. There is a degree that vets can get to specialize in nutrition afterwards, and adopt the title of 'Veterinary Nutritionist', but there are currently only 100 people with this qualification in the United States.

Dr. Justin Shmalberg, who now works for Nom Nom, specializes in making human-grade dog food. Dr Schmalberg helps formulate the perfect recipes for your dog - No other pet food company has this level of knowledge behind their products. That's right, the recipes are personalized and take your dog's breed, weight, special conditions, and health goals into consideration. And it's all done online with an easy quiz.

After the quiz you are recommended a few recipes, you choose one and then your dogs meals for 2 whole weeks are delivered right to your house – it couldn't be more convenient. Plus, you have a choice between different recipes before you check out. Plans start at just $13 a week, shipping is free, and Nom Nomoffers 50% off your first 2-week trial.

If you're currently feeding your dog kibble, I recommend you consider Nom Nom, it's healthy for your dog, conveniently delivered to your doorstep, and it's super affordable. Follow this link to receive 50% off your first order!

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