I Never Worry About My Dog's Digestion Anymore With Nom Nom

It might've saved her life.

Every summer, I used to volunteer at my local dog shelter and dream about taking them home with me. That dream came true the day I moved into my own place and brought my little golden cockapoo, Belle, home from the shelter.

I think I was so drawn to Belle the minute I saw her because I could see how in need of a loving home she was. She had a lot of allergies, a sensitive stomach that made her severely underweight, and a very patchy coat.

The shelter told me once she got the correct care, she would be back to her best in no time, and I was determined to get her there.

I knew all of the horror stories surrounding store-bought Kibble- some nutrients but full of carcinogens, feathers, and even parts of dead animals. There was no way I was feeding her that, so I started to cook all her food myself.

This way, I could make sure all her allergies were catered to and that her food was fresh and healthy!

Thankfully, she loved my cooking and cleaned her bowl every day. A few months into having Belle, I saw that she didn't have any allergic reactions, and her sensitive stomach wasn't giving her as much trouble, but her weight still wasn't increasing enough, and her fur was still very patchy.

I felt like I was doing everything right, but was so disappointed she wasn't getting the results she deserved.

I needed to do something, but I just didn't know what! A few days later, Belle was in the park playing with a gorgeous Collie, and after chatting with the owner, I realized it was Sally, one of the dogs from the shelter!

The collie looked so healthy I hadn't recognized her. Sally's owner told me it was all thanks to the Nom Nom meals they were feeding her.

I didn't think any pre-made dog food would be suitable for Belle. I'd read so many dog mom blogs (don't judge me) that showed what the foods really looked like, and they looked no better than canned stuff from the store (at twice the price!).

But Sally had made such a huge improvement that I had to check out Nom Nom.

What immediately struck me was how you could actually see the chunks of real food, like sweet potatoes and chicken. I looked up the tagged photos on Instagram, and the images looked just as good as the site! I found out that's because every individual ingredient is cooked to the ideal temperature. They're cooked in small batches, not one big vat.

They have perfectly balanced recipes formulated by one of the leading board-certified veterinary nutritionists in the country - Dr. Justin Shmalberg. I didn't realize most vets only spend a semester studying nutrition. Nom Nom is one of the only dog food companies that has someone with this level of expertise on staff.

Reading about the science and research behind their process opened my eyes to how the food I was cooking for Belle might not have all the nutrients she needed.

When I went on the Nom Nom site, they asked for all of Belle's details - her age, weight, her allergies and health conditions, and they even allowed me to specify that she needed to gain weight. This way, I could be sure there wouldn't be anything in her food that would irritate her stomach or allergies.

I chose the Chicken Chow-Wow flavor. It's packed with whole foods like real actual chicken, and their essential nutrient mix, to ensure she's getting everything she needs. When it arrived a few days later, I was nervous that Belle wouldn't eat it because she can be so picky.

I loved that each meal was individually packaged into the perfect portion size, so I didn't have to weigh or measure anything out. And the food looked exactly like the pictures. I gave Belle her bowl of Nom Nom, and I have never seen her clean it so fast!

After two weeks, I noticed Belle had so much more energy - I started taking her for extra walks and trips to the park.

Two months in, and I wish I had Nom Nom from the moment I brought Belle home. She is still the Belle who stole my heart, but now she is truly living her best life.

She has so much energy, all her allergy symptoms are gone, her fur is so full and shiny, and she is at her perfect weight.

Seeing her running around the dog park happy and healthy is the best feeling, and I recommend Nom Nom to all of the other dog parents that come up to pet Belle.

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