Nugenix Reviewed: Everything Our Editors Uncovered

As most men age, they gain quite a bit: wisdom, family, and success... However, a common component of aging for men happens to be their prostate gland.

An aging prostate can cause a slew of problems, such as bladder discomfort, and less sleep due to increased trips to the bathroom night and day.

Most men can alleviate discomfort with the right treatment unless they don’t seek relief or go to the doctor for help until it's too late.

This is why our editors took to the internet to uncover ways men everywhere can take back control of their prostate health.

Through our in-depth search, we discovered Prostagenix, SuperBeta Prostate, and Nugenix’s Full Potency Prostate as three brands with great reviews and the most potential for alleviating this problem.

Here’s how they measure up:

Key Similarities

  • All reduce urinary urges
  • All alleviate bladder discomfort
  • None require a prescription

Key Differences

  • Full Potency Prostate includes 4 ingredients at clinical potency
  • Prostagenix is endorsed by Larry King
  • Full Potency Prostate offers ingredient transparency
  • Super Beta Prostate is a multi-supplement
  • Full Potency Prostate supports better overall urinary health

Nugenix’s Full Potency Prostate

Nugenix's Full Potency Prostate caught our attention due to its clinical potency. Unlike Full Potency Prostate, other products contain a small dose of clinically studied ingredients but conceal this truth by combining ingredients inside a proprietary blend of filler ingredients, which means these alternatives won't be as effective.

Full Potency Prostate offers maximum prostate AND bladder support by utilizing the full potency of Flowens® Cranberry Powder, Vi-spo™ Saw Palmetto, Phytopin® Pine Extract, and FruiteX-B® Patented Mineral Complex— all of which have been clinically validated and backed by science.

With Full Potency Prostate, there is no guesswork needed. Key ingredients have been proven to provide maximum relief to areas impacted by a troubled prostate and helps men get back to the lives they deserve.

Full Potency Prostate

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Super Beta Prostate

Super Beta Prostate Advanced is available in pill or chewable form to make prostate support even easier for men. The chewable tablet is convenient, comes in a natural berry flavor, and more importantly has the same formula as their popular pills.

Both pill and chewable form include 200% of the daily value of vitamin D, nine minerals, and 624 MG of Super Beta Prostate's ProstaFend® Blend which is made of 3 key ingredients that provide prostates with powerful, needed nutrients.


Prostagenix is a natural, 5-ingredient product and an affordable option for men dealing with prostate problems. Prostagenix works out to be only 10¢ per 60 mg, while other brands we came across were significantly higher.

Not only has Prostagenix been backed by America's top independent testing group, but also Larry King himself. King claimed to have dealt with severe prostate problems until he met Prostagenix CEO and had the opportunity to try the product himself.

Final Thoughts

With so many prostate products on the market, Prostagenix, SuperBeta Prostate, and Nugenix’s Full Potency Prostate are three of the best options we came across.

Our editors loved that Super Beta Prostate offers convenience, and Prostagenix is a great natural alternative to many other solutions. However, neither compared to Nugenix’s Full Potency Prostate when it came down to effectiveness.

The proof is in the pudding. Full Prostate Potency is the most potent and effective product available. Using this prostate product can help men feel younger and remove the stress of always having to go to the bathroom.

With Nugenix’s Full Potency Prostate, enjoy relief from bladder and urinary discomfort.

Nugenix is offering a 14-day sample of their Ful Potency Prostate. Follow this link to claim your sample today!