Everything We Found Out About Nugenix

There are a lot of great things that come with age; wisdom, family, success just to name a few. However, another thing that inevitably shows up is lower testosterone levels.

Unfortunately, your levels get lower and lower as you get older—making it harder to be as active and fit as you once were. Of course, supplements are an option but we know some have strange ingredients and weird side effects to all in the name of bigger muscles.

There are ways to gain back your health, libido, and the energy needed to complete your insane workout.

Our editors scoured the internet for you to find out what we could about a few of the most popular supplement brands that claimed to help safely revitalize and reignite the passion back into your life: Nugenix, Roman, Andro400, and Hims.

Key Similarities

  • All boost energy
  • All support T levels
  • All help with libido

Key Differences

  • Nugenix is formulated with 4 bioactive forms of B vitamins.
  • Hims & Romans less focused on activity
  • Andro400 was developed for men and women
  • Nugenix supports ultimate muscle gains


Nugenixbelieves that men don't have to accept their lower Testosterone levels. So, they created their science-backed formula with powerful ingredients to safely maximize free and total T-levels to help men increase muscle mass, and skyrocket their performance.Testofen® is a key ingredient in Nugenix but the formula also includes several minerals and vitamins like zinc, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. Nugenix can help you regain your stamina and continue on your fitness journey.

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From hair loss to testosterone support, Roman is a holistic approach to improving your health. With an array of products and services, Roman boasts that it can help men get healthier without the wait that comes with the waiting room. Although Roman can help you with a variety of health issues, most of their products are more, if not double, the price of their leading competitors.


Similar to Roman, Hims offers an array of services that aim to keep men healthy, active, and energized. Hims offers vitamins that can help with skin, nails, and hair loss. A great service for someone looking for an alternative to the traditional primary care system. Hims can be great, especially for guys looking for solutions to multiple side-effects to low T levels. However, Hims should not be viewed as a replacement for long-term medical treatment. Many symptoms of low testosterone may not be helped by Hims and can affect your health in other ways.


Andro400 is a safe and natural supplement that offers an alternative to other testosterone boosters. Andro400 works for those looking to get active again. With this supplement, you can burn fat, boost libido, and enhance your overall day-to-day performance. The long jack plant is one of the main ingredients of this natural supplement. While consumption of this plant can help increase a man's libido, we honestly couldn't get past the taste. Unless you like bitter things, this may be a supplement that's hard to swallow on a daily basis.

Final Thoughts

All four offer great solutions for better health. However, there was one that stood out as the clear winner for men who want to get as fit and active as they can be. Nugenix offers the most support for men looking to gain back their muscle and mass, and push forward with an active lifestyle.

From safe T support to nourishing ingredients blended together to help maximize your strength, Nugenix is the supplement worth checking out. You'll be ripped and feeling like your younger self again, in no time.

Just because you've reached a certain age and your levels have lowered doesn't mean that you can't find help to regain that spark. If you're looking for assistance in reigniting your passion for life, Nugenix can help.

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