Why Nurx Is A College Must-Have

Birth Control Has Never Been This Easy

Adjusting to college was tricky for a million reasons this year, but one thing I finally needed to get squared away was my birth control.

I'd been wanting to get on it for a while now, for multiple reasons, but I didn't even know the first step. I went to an OB/GYN once or twice before when I still lived at home, but I didn't want to have to travel to a different state for it.

Before I went to the health center, I asked my friend how she was getting her birth control (the nearest pharmacy is a bit of a trek!) She told me she uses Nurx.

It's an online hub for personalized healthcare and subscription services, specializing in birth control. I told her I'd look into it after I figured out how to see a doctor, but she told me I could communicate with a medical professional online with Nurx.

This seemed too good to be true, so I looked it up to make sure. The website looked great, and everything seemed really by the book. Nice!

The consultation would cost me only $15. For not having to go off campus or deal with my home doctor who always puts me on hold forever, it was worth it.

I took their super detailed quiz - it went through a list of great questions that genuinely made me feel relieved - Nurxwas taking every element of my lifestyle into consideration before offering a solution. Also, there were plenty of questions that if a doctor didn't ask, I wouldn't have known to bring up.

After the quiz, I was told to expect a short wait before getting my recommendation from a professional. It was shorter than I expected, and voila, there was my new prescription! I was going to be going on a very popular birth control pill, but they offer other options like the ring and the shot, too.

I'm still on my parents' insurance, so it's free for me, but without insurance, it's as low as $15 a month.

All I had to do was accept, and they'd immediately send me my first 3 months of birth control pills! I told my group chat about it, and one friend was already looking into it - honestly, the process was so easy, I can't think of why everyone shouldn't be using it.

When it arrived, it was in pretty blank packaging thankfully. I was going to keep a journal for my first 3 months to monitor if I had any complaints; if I wasn't happy with my prescription, I could easily switch to a new one whenever I needed to with Nurx.

Like I said, Nurxdelivers birth control to your door, without the need to go to a doctor's office. It's amazing, and so, so convenient if you're at college or traveling; with 3-month packs delivered, you'll never be without it.

The birth control that's right for you, delivered right to your door. Get started with a quick online medical consultation today!

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