Gray Hair! May Not Be That Much Of An Enigma Afterall

Once we reach a certain age, many of us notice a few faint gray hairs starting to pop up. No, not yet, we’re still too young.

Yes, technically, it’s the natural progression of hair, but that doesn’t mean we have to be happy about it. While there are tons of solutions to hide those lone strands — coloring roots, adding highlights, or mixing in low lights — those pesky grays tend to make a comeback.

“The hair actually isn’t gray but is actually completely translucent. The ‘gray’ tone is actually down to the percentage of natural hair color left and mixed in between, causing many different shades,” said stylist Helen Reavey

The last few years saw a trend of celebrities embracing gray, with some even going to the extent of dying their hair gray. My question: WHY? Why bite the bullet to something that’s naturally going to happen? Is it really worth it to look like Lady Gaga or Kendall Jenner?

White, platinum, gray, whatever you call it – I’m staying as far away as long as possible!

I fall into the category of people who pluck gray hairs the minute they see them — although I do leave one in for good luck! However, over the years, I’ve started to wonder about the hydra myth: pluck one and two replace it.

“Plucking one hair doesn’t make more grow, and it’s an idea that has no basis in science. It’s normal to lose up to 159 hairs a day. Still, basically, they’re not connected in any way, so pulling one does not push more out of the scalp,” says Mirza Batanovic, style director for professional hair care brand, Eufora International.

Thinking this was the hard-and-fast rule, I kept tweezing away until stylist Jennifer Korab warned, “By plucking the hair, you may traumatize the hair follicle, which can lead to infection or even bald patches. You may be doing more harm than good.”

So then I was torn. Realistically, I wasn’t going to re-dye my hair every time gray hairs popped up, but I also wasn’t going to pluck them and hide my bald spots behind sunhats and bandanas. So, I looked into supplements that would improve my overall hair health and found Nutrafol.

Nutrafol is designed to help women with compromised hair and works to boost strength and thickness while also combatting thinning.

Nutrafol’s recommended dosage is 4 capsules daily, and you should see results within 3-6 months. They're also formulated with natural ingredients and offer 10% off on a monthly subscription!

Should I go all out, Miranda Priestly, and embrace my gray thinning hair? NOPE. I’m not giving up the good fight. I still have time to strut down the street with gray hair later. But right now, Nutrafol, a good diet, and a stress-free life are exactly my hair needs.

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