NYFW 2024 Recap: The Good, The Bad, The Basic

Fashion Week season is upon us. Across the world, major cities like London, Paris, Milan, and New York are taking turns to host the most stylish set of editors, influencers, celebrities, and models. For New York residents, it’s the time to people-watch. Just perch anywhere outside, and you’ll catch sightings of fashion’s finest.

Twice a year, in February and September, brands showcase their spring/summer collections and fall/winter collections respectively. Designers fight for relevancy by making bold statements via the runway with models carefully curated to encapsulate their vision and, of course, a star-studded, press-filled guest list that gets people talking.

New York Fashion Week is one of my favorite fashion events in the city (behind the Met Gala, of course), and after Beyonce’s appearance at the Laur show…I’ve been taking in all the content.

My main takeaway from this year’s Fashion Week festivities? Designers are tired. Disappointingly, the collections we see strutting across the runway all look a tad familiar. We’re recycling trends this go-around: think big belts, furs, and corsets.

Just as Daisy Jones intended, fur-trimmed coats (or full furs in general) were all the rage on the runway. This coat on Emily Ratajkowski is the perfect example of my dream “mob wife aesthetic” outerwear piece.

Emrata Emily Ratajkowski in NYC for NYFW 2024BACKGRID

Yes, mob wife style is the most recent TikTok fashion trend sweeping the internet…but, living in North Jersey, mob wife style has always been known as “what I’m wearing to brunch.”

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, but digestible NYFW 2024 recap, look no further. Here are my findings.

What Are The Biggest Trends From NYFW 2024?

Speaking of mob wife aesthetic, the L’Agence show was filled with those fur-trimmed jackets and black dresses. After all, a mob wife is all about curating the perfect mixture of elegance and showy luxury pieces – but black is always the base. Your jacket often does most of the talking (and your hair).

At shows like Lapointe, the fur coats were met with bright colors and monochromatic sets. But again, the point of NYFW was that you need some sort of fur coat or there was no point at all.

And just when you thought you could start leaving the belt behind for good…think again! In fact, we’re emphasizing the statement belt. In most cases, the bigger the belt, the better.

At the Laur show, your accessories were what mattered. Bags of every type were draped over shoulders, wrists were decked out with bejeweled cuffs and bangles, and don’t forget the belly beads.

And then there were shows like Laraque, where you could live out your Margot Robbie Barbie look dreams in a dollhouse filled with pink and tulle galore. The coquette look has been trending for a while, and we’re floating dangerously close to hoop skirts once again. What’s next, bloomers underneath dresses?

Best NYFW 2024 Shows

Thom Browne

I personally loved the veils and the clean black-and-white looks. With classic tweed sets a la Chanel, Thom Browne’s looks channeled edgy schoolgirl. It honestly reminds me of Olivia Rodrigo’s style- a little 90’s Y2K rocker.

Christian Siriano 

Always star-studded, Christian Siriano shows are a staple for Fashion Week attendees and A-listers alike. Warm colors, gorgeous gowns, plays on texture and fabric – this show had absolutely everything.

Collina Strada 

Known for her theatrical runway shows, Collina Strada’s NYFW 2024 collection was no different. Playing with masculine and feminine clothes, Collina Strada’s ready-to-wear collection was exciting and playful.

Tory Burch 

You know her, you love her. Tory Burch delivered classic silhouettes, emphasized tailoring, and relied on layers. It was a functional collection that I could actually see myself wearing.

When Is The Next NYFW? 

The next time A-listers will flock to front-row runway shows is September 6-8, 2024… when every brand’s Spring/Summer collections will debut. Who’s going to be the next face of fashion, we see strolling through the city?

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