On-Demand Streaming Services We Love, and Why You Will Too

If you're still using cable, you're stuck in the past. Now everything's happening on-demand! Here are the top film and TV streaming sites we love for getting our favorite shows whenever we want them. Join in on the streaming revolution!


Netflix is so popular and widely used that it requires little explanation. The user-friendly platform displays genres that are well-stocked with a variety of current and classic favorites. Find everything from the newest season of House of Cards to acclaimed films like Casablanca and Cinema Paradiso. Netflix's recommendation technology suggests shows and films based on your ratings. What makes Netflix great is the high-quality original programming, no commercials, and ease of use.

Hulu Plus

Starting at $7.99/month, Hulu Plus offers a broad selection of current network TV and original programming. Hulu also provides a lot of free content you can stream on desktop computers. While Hulu's shows are interrupted by advertisements, you still get a great deal that includes as much streaming as you want.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers an annual subscription rather than a monthly subscription. But not only does Amazon Prime give you free two-day shipping on eligible items, but you'll get unlimited movie and music streaming, plus photo storage, too. As an overall package, Amazon Prime is hard to pass up!

Sling TV

For $20/month, there's no long-term contract and up to 65 live channels. It's much cheaper than cable. You can stream Sling TV shows on any device. While the on-demand options are a bit more limited, it's still an impressive selection. You can even start watching 7 days for free!


With your first month free, XFinity gives you on-demand, live TV and HBO on any device. For $15/month you get a wide variety of programming options and the freedom to cancel at any time. (Though we don't know why you would!)

Now it's time to pop some popcorn and log on. You're only minutes away from sinking into your next favorite show!

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