One Dress, 10 Ways to Wear It

Looking great doesn't have to be a huge expense. One basic stretchy black tank above-the-knee dress can be transformed into endless looks you can wear day after day. Invest in a great fitting number and your dress will bless you with daily style. Here are 10 ideas to switch up your look all while using the black dress as a simple staple.

1. Pop on a Blazer

Instantly take your look from simple to sophisticated by donning a great blazer. The structure is perfect for the office or a ladies lunch. Any color or pattern will coordinate with basic black. Whether the blazer is fitted or flowy, long or cropped, your basic dress will morph into a full on outfit once you put one on. Switch up your blazer and no one will ever realize your dress stays the same.

2. Belt It

A statement belt will become the style focal point of your basic dress. You can go for a thick waist cincher and show off your killer curves. Try a pop of bright color or a pretty pattern to give your dress some personality. For an evening look, layer some chain belts that fall by the hips. Mix and match for a funky flair. The bolder the belt, the more unique you'll look and the less you'll need to worry about keeping the same dress in rotation on the regular.

3. Accessorize

When your dress is a basic black tank style, accessories make it or break it. Go bold, go chic, and go sexy! You can wear more accessories than you normally might when your canvas is so simple. Try large hoop earrings or a chunky statement necklace. Layer bangle bracelets on each wrist. Pin a broach onto one tank sleeve. Try bright colors or go for the classics. Even grandma's string of pearls will look fresh. Whether you go for 24k or flea market finds, accessories will turn your basic black dress into basically breathtaking.

4. Make it a Mini

With the stretch of a tank dress, you can work it in more ways than one. Put on your dress as usual and slip off the top part. Fold the top down a few times while tucking the straps under until you've reached your waist. Instant mini skirt! Pair your look with a loose fitting cropped sweater or T-shirt. Try a funky vest or a sleek turtle neck. Pull your mini up to show more leg or let your skirt hang off your hips. Can't decide? Go shorter one day and a bit longer the next. The more use out of your dress the better.

5. Make it a Maxi

If you can make it a mini, why not try a maxi too? Simply wear the dress down low by making the neck hole the new waist. The stretchy material will hug you in all the right places and will make you look long and elegant. Just tuck the straps in so they don't poke out by your waist. Match this look with a flowing tunic or an untucked blouse. Belt a graphic tee or a silky tank. Go casual with flats or pair with heels to make your look even lankier.

6. Make it a Strapless

Toss off your straps and tuck them inside to turn your black dress into a sexy strapless sensation. If you find that the sleeves don't lay quite flat, pair the look with a stylish shrug or cardigan to cover any lumps. With your upper half left more exposed, you can show off your pretty necklaces or light scarves. Go for long dangling earrings for a dramatic change or pull your hair back to highlight your shoulders and collar bones. You can try this look as a one shoulder too.

7. Layer with an Off the Shoulder Top

Throw an off the shoulder top over your tank dress and a whole new outfit is made. That peek of strap is alluring yet playful. A thick sweater contrasts nicely with a tank material and a thinner top will drape just so. A deep v-neck shirt is a great option with a tank dress too when too much cleavage isn't appropriate for a particular occasion. Swap your top for a brand new look every day of the week.

8. Add a Tank (or 2)

Keep the tank look going by adding more tank tops. Pull a tank top over (or under) your tank dress for layers of color and pattern options. Don't fret about bulk since tanks are relatively thin. Let a pop of color peek out from under your straps or show a lot by wearing a bold tank over your dress. Try different lengths and mix and match. Anything goes and the options are unbelievable. This is a super cute style for any age.

9. Cover with a Fringed Skirt

If you don't always want that cling of a tank dress around your hips and thighs, layer another skirt over your dress for an instant change. A fringed skirt adds flair and volume. Make sure it's as least as long as the bottom of your tank dress or longer for a seamless look. Not into fringe? Try a hoop skirt or a taffeta poof! You can even go for a lacy mini or a bubble skirt. This is a great layering option for gals on the go.

10. Layer Over Leggings

Too cold for bare legs? Don your tank dress over leggings. Go classic with black or a neutral shade or kick things up a notch with patterns and prints. Pair with over the knee boots to show just a peek of legging or wear cute booties for a full leg look. If you're not loving leggings, tights or hose look just as good. With so many styling selections, your simple black tank dress will get more use than you'd ever dreamed it would. Invest in a great one so it can last through all these amazing looks!

Have FUN!

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