Creamy Lipstick: One Product, 6 Ways to Use It

Who says lipstick is for lips alone? Sure, it's called lipstick, but why stop there? Make the most of every tube of lipstick while changing your getting-ready routine to be more efficient.

Simply use a peachy-pink hue which looks great on nearly every skin tone for maximum results. Here are 6 ways to stretch that tube of lipstick into an all-around beauty product you'll love on more than just your pretty pout. Try one or all of these tricks and see which work best for your style!

1. Lips

Obviously, lipstick is for lips. But you can change up your lip look depending upon how you apply the lipstick. For a subtle, carefree look, simply dab the lipstick onto your lips in a blotting manner. You'll get a hint of color that will look totally natural. No stains and no muss. For a bolder look, apply as you normally would with a full application. You can turn the stick into a gloss too. Dab some lipstick into the palm of your hand and mix a bit of Vaseline into the lipstick. Apply to your lips with your finger for a shiny DYI gloss with a pop of color. Fashion and lip protection in one!

2. Cheeks

Skip the blush and get dewy with lipstick used as rouge. Now, the key here is to go gradual, too much color and you'll look clownish. Dab a few dots onto the apples of your cheeks and blend upward towards the cheekbones up to the hairline. If you need more color, add more dabs and repeat the process. For a sun-kissed glow, add more to the apples directly and even a dab onto your nose and chin. The lipstick is less drying and looks more natural than a powder blush and it is easier to control the intensity of color. Cheeky!

3. Eyeshadow

You've likely seen liquid or cream eyeshadows on the makeup counters, so why not use a tube of lipstick for a similar effect? To have control of shape and color, dab some lipstick onto your finger to apply rather than swiping the tube onto your eyelid directly. The peachy-pink shade will look neutral on your eyes and will go with any look. Deepen the color in the creases and go lighter as you approach the brow bone. You can do the rest of your eye makeup look – eyeliner, mascara, etc. as usual. Your eyes will pop and will never get cakey like some powder shadows can become. Lipstick as eye makeup will be an eye-opening experience.

4. Décolletage

Makeup isn't only for the face. Women like to enhance their entire look, including their décolletage. When you are wearing a low-cut, cleavage-baring neckline, be sure the area looks its best. Dab some lipstick into the cleavage and blend outwards towards the breasts for a subtle shadowing and highlighting effect. Go a bit darker in the center of the chest and lighter as you move away from the cleavage. Not only will this enhance your shape, but it will hide any skin imperfections or blemishes. A little glow for the girls can make a big difference in your confidence!

5. Legs

Now, you may be thinking lipstick for legs sounds crazy, but really it's a great way to smooth and shine your gams. Just like a bronzer or a self-tanner, a bit of lipstick can make bare legs look better than you'd expect. To make a little go a long way, dab some lipstick into the palm of your hand and blend in some body lotion to make a tinted moisturizer. Rub all over your legs for a subtle sheen and smoothing stride. This technique is perfect for when you are down to the bottom of a tube of lipstick and you don't know what to do with that last bit. You'll never want to cover up with hose when your legs are as pretty as stems of a rose!

6. Fragrance

Give your lipstick a new job – fragrance enhancer. When you spritz your perfume onto a damp area, such as a dab of lipstick, the scent will linger longer. Here's the trick: dab the lipstick where it won't be seen, such as behind the ears, under the back of your hair at the nape of your neck, beneath your underarms, and behind your knees (only if you are wearing dark pants). After dabbing the lipstick to those areas, apply your fragrance right on top. You will find that you are able to use less fragrance and the scent lasts longer. The only lips near these areas of lipstick will be your loved one kissing your great-smelling spots!

Do you have any lipstick tricks? Share them with us and give lip service to your lipstick!

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