My One Month Journey With Opopop

There are snacks and sweets for specific occasions- cakes for birthdays, popcorn at the movies…. I don't follow the rules - I appreciate any snack at any time, especially popcorn.

I have a whole shelf full of super buttery microwave popcorn, but I love experimenting with different flavors. My recent addiction is adding a little paprika along with extra butter and salt.

My social media has always been full of popcorn images and advertisements that I never think twice about because my store-bought popcorn is excellent.

That was until I saw Opopop: a uniquely flavored gourmet popcorn created from what they call "Flavor Wrapped Popcorn Kernels," that come in a range of unique flavors.

I tried Opopop's discovery kit for a month, and here's what I thought.

Week 1: Figuring it all out

The discovery kit comes with family-sized portions of popcorn in six different flavors and a microwave popcorn popper + lid. It also includes a Test Launch pouch of their Flavor Wrapped Kernels, so I could get my microwave's timing right without wasting a bag. Each kernel is pre-covered in flavored seasoning - so you know you get the best overall flavor.

I had to try the flavor that seemed the most interesting first - Vanilla Cake Pop. Like ordinary popcorn, I had to put it in the microwave for 3 minutes (they recommend 2-4 minutes). But unlike ordinary popcorn, you pop it in their yellow BPA-free popcorn popper. I just added the kernels to the popper (you could see the flavor on the kernels!) and popped it in the microwave.

It was super tasty; the sweet vanilla flavor is incredible and reminded me of sitting in a bakery. It was super addictive; if the first one was this good, I was excited to try the rest. As for clean-up, all I had to do was throw the popper right into the dishwasher.

Week 2: An experimentation journey

After I finished my first bag, I couldn't wait to rip the next bag open and give them a try. The packaging is so lovely, it's a carton with all the different flavors in it - designed to look great on the kitchen counter, and I have it right beside my microwave. Although popcorn is usually a night snack for me, I decided to give the Cinnalicious a try - it reminded me exactly of cinnamon rolls (honestly, I could probably eat it in the morning).

This week, I took care of my nephew and decided to have a movie night with Opopop's popcorn. We had a hard time picking but finally settled on the Fancy Butter, which was the perfect amount of butter. It didn't taste oversaturated like movie theatre butter. He was a big fan, and said it tasted better than his mom's (sorry, sis).

Flavor Wrapped Popcorn
Gluten-Free & Non-GMO
Use code POPME10 at checkout to get 10% off now!

Week 3: The perfect binge companion

What I never liked about grocery store popcorn was the weird aftertaste or the hidden residue, but none of Opopop's popcorn has that. After a hectic week and meeting up with friends, I couldn't wait to sit back on Sunday night and binge watch The Good Girls on Netflix with Salted Umami - It has the perfect amount of salt and it is far from too salty. Like they mention on their website I just can't stop eating it, this has to be the most addictive flavor yet.

Week 4: The future popcorn

I had only two left. A few of my friends were coming over for a chill day and with a few cocktails for me and the girls, these two flavors would be the perfect snack.

We first tried the Maui Heat, which was spicy but sweet at the same time. Who knew that fruity pineapple and spiciness would make such a tasty snack. The girls loved it, but the Chedapeño - a mix of cheese and jalapeño had to be the flavor of the month. I love spice, especially on popcorn and these two flavors offer exactly that - the right amount of sweet, heat and deliciousness.

The Verdict

Opopop has elevated this classic snack to an entirely different level, and the proof is in the taste! I have never experienced popcorn quite like this, all the flavors are incredibly delicious and I just can't stop snacking on them. I subscribed to restock every month and save 10% on my order; that way, I never run out.

You can get the Discovery Kit for just $40, but I decided to go for the Big Bag Discovery Kit which comes with 2 big bags of my choice (I choose Maui Heat and Fancy Butter) and each bag makes 6 (individual pouches) family-sized servings. Opopop changed my taste for popcorn. Yes, I loved it before, but now I need it.

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