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So, you're selling your home. Real estate has been a nightmare for decades, so we know how hard this is going to be.

Trying to sell your home, keep it neat and tidy for showings, and panicking about money while shopping for a new home that satisfies all your needs and fits your budget without getting your hopes up too high that it won't be snatched up immediately…. it's a mess.

For homeowners, buyers, and sellers, we just live in this state of panic when entering the real estate market. But now there's Orchard - they're a new company that extends that small window of real estate opportunity by allowing you to sell your house from the comfort of your new one.

They give you a cash offer to unlock the equity in your home, so you can buy and move into a new home while Orchard cleans, lists, and sells your old home.

It sounded like there might be a catch, so we compared it against traditional real estate.

Convenience: Orchard

With traditional real estate, you try to buy a new home and sell yours at the same time, hoping for the perfect window where you can move right into your new place right after your old one sells.

When does this really happen?! Too small a gap and you're paying two mortgages, too big a gap and you might need to make some interim arrangements. With Orchard, you get to settle into your new place, while you sell your old home.

On Orchard's site, you can input everything that's important to you (max. commute length, number of bathrooms, fireplace, pool, recently-done roof, etc.),. Orchard will rank available homes based on your priorities.

You also won't have to deal with outdated and inaccurate listings since theirs are updated every hour. Never again will you be browsing a dream home that's already pending!

If a big, beautiful kitchen is your top priority, Orchard will even show homes by featuring the kitchen as the first photo, instead of the classic exterior shot.

The Easiest Way To Sell Your House
Unlock The Equity Of Your Home

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Price: Tie

Orchard charges the same traditional 6% that realtors do. With Orchard, you do get to save on double mortgages, storage costs, professional photography, and cleaning fees as well as other hidden costs, but some traditional real estate places offer these things at no cost as well on a case-by-case basis, so we'll call it a tie.

Unlocking Value: Orchard

What we mean by this is that Orchard's process helps you unlock the equity of your home, so you become the most valuable player in the buying market. By becoming a non-contingent buyer, you're the ideal buyer for any home, and 90% of Orchard's homes sell for above (or even way above) that guaranteed minimum.

In a competitive home market (which we're currently in!), having any advantage helps.

In the traditional sense, if you want to be competitive, you need to sell your home first, to have that cash on hand. Without it, you're not a valuable buyer.

Orchard truly is a one-stop-shop for selling and buying homes, so we're declaring it as superior to traditional real estate. Yup, the winner is Orchard.

You get professional photos of your home, the guaranteed equity of your home, monthly cleanings of your old home, showings where you don't need to be present, a weekly report on interest in your home and neighborhood market data, and 24/7 contact with your very own agent or advisor. (Don't worry - on your first call, they'll re-explain everything to you in detail.)

Orchard can save you time, money, and, most importantly, peace of mind as you shop for your next home. Honestly, it might even be fun.

UPDATE: Save time and money when you sell and buy with Orchard. Follow this link to get one step closer to your dream home!