My Diet Needed A Healthy Boost, So I Added Paleovalleys Super Greens Into My Day

I've tried "all-inclusive" supplements that claim to be everything you need, but they never do anything. Sure, there's the placebo effect, but after a while, I just get bored with taking a pill and forget about it.

My kids were away for the weekend, so when I spent it cleaning out the snack cabinet, getting rid of expired stuff, I said goodbye to everything from their sugary snacks to my old vitamins. I was on the phone with a friend, complaining about trying to find a healthy balance, when she asked if I'd ever tried a supergreens mix - nothing shady, just highly beneficial greens, antioxidants, and nutrients in a powder.

I'd tried one "Greens Smoothie" before that tasted like dirt, so no. She told me not to let one smoothie ruin them for me, because they can be surprisingly delicious. Yeah, ok...

She sent me a link to Paleovalley's Organic Supergreensmix, and I went back to cleaning my cabinet.

I remembered the link a few days later when I was scrolling through my phone while the kids were watching Trolls 2, and I liked everything I was seeing (on the website, not in the movie, though it is actually very cute).

There was no gluten, grains, soy, GMOs, cereal grasses, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or sugar alcohols.

The mix includes 23 certified organic ingredients like kale, spinach, spirulina (the classics), and turmeric, ginger, and monk fruit (some more interesting ones). It sounded like the equivalent of mushing all paint colors together and getting dirty brown, but I liked how much care this company was putting into their products.

Also, if there were so many wonderful ingredients, was I really getting the recommended dose for any of them? Apparently, they claim the addition of digestive enzymes helps your body actually absorb everything, instead of just taking it in and not processing it. The addition of cereal grasses in so many competitor supergreens mixes isn't as gut-friendly.

The website also said, "kids love it!" which I highly doubted, but if it was true, I wouldn't feel so bad about letting them eat salty, buttery popcorn while they watch movies (our favorite tradition, and we've been doing it a lot this year).

Paleovalley offers a 60 day money-back guarantee, so I thought I'd order a bag and see if we liked it.

It arrived, and the beautiful green powder smelled good! I mixed a scoop into water (very easily, I may add), and gave it a swig. I really liked the taste! There was a touch of sweetness, but the vegetables, fruits, and herbs all together blended into something that tasted hearty and super healthy, but not at all like dirt or just spinach.

I asked my two kids if they wanted a taste and was surprised how excited they were by the green color. They both were neutral about it at first, and I thought it was at least good that I liked it, but the next day, my daughter asked if she could "have some green." I gave it to her with water, and I felt like a super parent. My kid asked for greens.

Paleovalley's Organic Supergreens is such a great addition to our diet, and it tastes great! Having a glass of this daily or even once in a while is such a nutrient-boost, and I'll definitely be switching to ordering this on a subscription so we can save 5% and keep this around.

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