11 ways to pass the time after your phone dies

Oh, the humanity! The dreaded low battery notification is plaguing your screen and you haven't even gotten to work yet. Your phone is dying and so, too, is a little part of you. We totally get it. However, believe it or not, there were actually a ton of fun things to do before the first iPhone graced our welcoming fists. Here are our 11 Ways to Pass the Time After Your Phone Dies:

1. Read a Book

Start carrying around that paperback you keep telling people you've been meaning to read. You might finally get around to it.

2. People Watch

You'd be surprised by some of the things you see when you lift your eyes from your phone screen and really take a look around.

3. Write

Whether you're penning fantastical stories or taking down your daily thoughts in a journal, start carrying around something to write with. And the best part is - you can use more than 140 characters.

4. Make Small Talk

Talking to others face-to-face seems to be a lost art in today's day and age. Chat up the person next to you in line at the sandwich shop.

5. Read the Newspaper (or just the comics)

It's becoming increasingly easy to get news through apps and social media, and newspapers seem to be getting neglected. Pick one up and page through it -- even if it's directly to the comics.

6. Draw

Drawing can be a really fun and relaxing way to unwind throughout the day. Bringing a sketchbook along with you can provide you with endless entertainment and a fairly portable creative outlet.

7. Play a Game

Whether it's Sudoku or the license plate game, playing a game in your downtime on the commute to work or school can be a fun way to pass the time, especially if you're with friends.

8. Gather Your Thoughts

Meditating, focusing on your breathing, and gathering your thoughts can be a very beneficial way to spend your down time, especially when you're stressed.

9. Do Yoga (link to yoga app)

You don't have to spend a ton of time to reap the benefits of yoga. You can practice postures for only five-minutes a day, and still experience benefits.

10. Organize Your Purse

It seems like there is never a perfect time to do this, so if you have some extra down time and you're looking for something to do while your phone lies lifelessly in your pocket, take advantage. Clean your purse.

11. Cry

And go find a charger.

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