Why My Daughter & I Love Pela Phone Cases

They're environmentally friendly and will protect your phone

My daughter Cameron and I were biking through the local park when my new iPhone rang. I unzipped my jacket pocket and - oops - dropped my phone, with an ear-splitting craaaack. Again.

"You're such a klutz, Mom." Cameron said as she skidded to a stop and scooped up my phone. "Your case is busted. Again. Consider the disposable nature of phone cases--"

Here we go. My little environmentalist is up on her soapbox. Again.

"Zillions of plastic phone cases are sold every year - most are tossed on landfills, or float away in our deep blue oceans. Think about how many you contribute." As she handed back my phone, she added, "feel guilty yet?"

And I did feel a little guilty. So I set out to do something about it.

That same day, as I prepped the veggies for lunch, I asked Cameron to search, "best eco phone case." Up popped Pela Cases - a company dedicated to a waste-free, plastic-free future.

"Mom-mom-mom, you're not gonna believe this. Pela's cases are made from plants!"

She looked so cute bouncing up and down at the kitchen island, clicking through their site and reading aloud to me. "They use a byproduct of flax called shive. It looks like cork and is porous like cork - and it's a great shock absorber. Perhaps this case can withstand your exorbitant drop-count."

100% Compostable

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"The Pela Case is eco-friendly, made with renewable resources, designed for long-term-use, it's durable . . . and - OMG, I. Love. It - it's compostable!"

"And wait-wait. Pela gives back over 1% of sales to environmental non-profits. If I buy a Save The Waves Pela Case, 5% goes to protecting coastal ecosystems. Look it comes in Ocean Turquoise - my favorite color."

"Eat-eat," I said as I set Cameron's stir fry in front of her. She was still bouncing off the walls.

"With less than 8% of the world's plastic actually being recycled, can't we do this one small thing for the planet?"

So I sat down next to Cameron and checked out the Pela Cases - so gorgeous. They come in neutrals and such vibrant colors with etchings of sea turtles, bees, and other pretty creatures.

Plus, they have a HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: if we're not 100% satisfied with our purchase, Pela will help us out with a return or exchange. Can this company get any better?

It sure can! - They're super affordable for such high quality. So we ordered 2 cases at 10% off - adding a Zero-Waste Liquid Screen Protector for me.

When they arrive - in plastic-free, minimal packaging - we immediately put them on our phones. Beautiful fit. Beautiful cases. Great grip. Great protection. It seems like this will last a while, even for a klutzy mom like me.

And before I turn around - Cameron's posted a pic of her Save the Waves Pela case on Instagram - tagging it with #herestoawastefreefuture!

And she's gotten 35 likes already.

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